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Katja Hunter
Creativity, Self Development, Simplicity

Self-development, Process

Use your creativity and discover yourself in the process


Your creativity is your unique capital, my friend.

And it’s in the creating process you become who you are. One small step at a time.

Need help to get creative? Great. Keep reading!


Clarity of You

Clarity starts with the foundation of you. Your strengths, values and beliefs and an honest look at your life today.


Goal Setting

Set HEART goals. You’ll go through all your passions and interests and prioritize. You’ll learn to set goals you love


Plan your Journey

You’ll create a simple, detailed small-step plan that’ll feel good and make your overwhelm vanish into thin air.


Your Coach

Your Danish Connection :-)

Coaching is a powerful process made to help you close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.

If you are someone with many ideas, and struggle with overwhelm, then chances are, you don’t fit into a cookie cut plan. You need someone, who understand the rebel ways, of a creative multi-passionate.

Hi, I’m Katja. I’m your creative life coach, and I believe in your creative journey. Creativity, self-development in the creating process, new and mad projects. All of that good stuff. That’s what I love and if you love that too, stick around.

You deserve the best life you can get. Don’t put it off. Let’s get down to the business of creativity.


Inspiration For You  

Take the leap

Self-coach your way to more fulfillment

My weekly newsletter is for you, if more purpose and fulfillment means more creativity, self-compassion and personal growth in your life. I believe a joyful journey gives better results, and that your life has to be lived on your terms.

You’ll get a workbook where I share creative life coaching tools that will guide you to get clear on your top 1-2 goals, and because I believe it takes creativity and self-compassion to reach any goal, this workbook will get you set up for a joyful process