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It’s time to shine a light on yourself, woman!

Self-Coach your way to more clarity, creativity, and self-compassion with this free workbook

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I help overwhelmed creatives, like you, get clear on your goals, and create a detailed plan to reach them  



Clarity means taking a look at the foundation of you: clarity of your strengths, your values, beliefs and your dreams.



To set a goal that excite you, we take a look at your interests and passions, but also being indecisive and overwhelmed.



We create a detaild plan using kaizen small steps and we look at the different creative blocks that you are likely to come across.


Your Coach

Hey there, I’m Katja

Having many ideas and interests and being overwhelmed is something I’m very familiar with. As a creative life coach I now have the tools and the experience to help you get through the overwhelm so you move to your future with clarity, creativity, and self-compassion.

I’m Katja (prenounced Catch ya), I’m Danish and I love helping overwhelmed creatives, like you, get clear on your goals and help you achieve them.

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Take the leap

Self-coach your way to more fulfillment

Get a taste of creative life coaching in this free workbook by self-coaching your way through these specific questions and excercises.

You will be guided to get clear about the foundation of you, and because it takes creativity and self-compassion to reach any goal, you’ll be setting yourself up for success with this self-coaching workbook.

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