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Create work that you are born to make - by learning how to bust through creative blocks.



Get clear on your goals and passions, and create a plan of action that’ll make you jump out of bed every day.


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My work with you allowed me to see myself more objectively and kindly as I saw myself through your eyes.
I didn’t want the coaching to stop.
— Jennifer Varino, New York/Oslo
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Your Danish Connection

Oh, hello there, I’m Katja! I’m a coach for women (like you) who want to combine passions, goals, and creativity with a plan.

Being in a state of constant overwhelm or confusion is horrible, and it keeps you stuck. I can help you get unstuck.

If you’re multi-passionate (like me), you definitely don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all plan. You need someone, who understands the rebel ways of a creative and busy brain.

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Take the leap

Get crystal clear on your goals and your creative strengths.

Download my free workbook where you go through a process that’ll get you crystal clear on your goals and your creative capital. You’ll also learn the “secret” ingredient to creating.

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