My Story

Hey, I’m Katja (pronounced catch ya. My father-in-law still cracks up when he says “catch ya later, Katja” !! :-D) I am Danish and I am back here after living 14 years in London and Dublin. I brought home Hubby from London and we have 3 amazing kids.

I truly believe that creative living – however that looks to you – is where joy, fun and purpose is found.

I am one of those sensitive, creative independent types who were told as a child that without an education, I’d end up being a cleaner, and that music and art was a fine hobby but not really a realistic way to make a living.

This was my mother’s belief because she herself had “escaped” (pun intended) a life as a servant for a family on a farm, until she would marry herself and then continue “serving” as a farmer’s wife.

My mother escaped the history of her own mom by getting an education.

So her message to my sister and me was loud and clear: never depend (financially) on a man, so get an education. Any education.

I agree with that message, and I am so proud of, and grateful for, my mother’s choice to get herself an education, and leave that life behind.


But here’s the flip side to that message:

It was based on the belief that a secure job would follow an education, and success was measured by how things looked on the outside. Feelings didn’t come into it at any stage. We were all meant to follow the same steps until we reached our pension age.

So how difficult it must have been to deal with me, an insisting, sensitive, persistent and fiercely independent child, who did not want to do something just because everyone else did it.

What I did instead:

I left school at 16 with really good grades, worked a year to save up money and then went to England on my own.My life took many turns, all of them initiated by me and no, I never did get that college or university education.

Instead I got a life education. It’s an education in social skills, emotional skills, communication skills, plus I learned English to the point where I am now bi-lingual.

I have worked with, for and under high and low, including international celebrity and newspaper editors, cleaner and warehouse workers and I have exhibited creativity and leadership in everything I’ve done.

I’ve pretty much always been promoted in every job and at one stage, I had 35 staff. A job I chose to leave after a year.

The list could go on, but it won’t.

My conclusion is this:

From all my experiences I know for sure, that living a joyful and prosperous life comes down to who you are and how you deal with life.

Not what you do for a living or what title you carry.

My Values



Creativity is the essence of who we are. We are creative beings. Creativity is process, it’s courage and it’s where we find purpose and meaning unique to us.



There is so much clarity in simplying our lives. From our home to our creative pursuits, simplifying our process, with added hygge of course (I’m Danish after all).



Life is one long journey of self-discovery. I believe in self-compassion (the data is clear), being the leader in our own lives. Gratitude, optimism and positivity.

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