How to identify the beliefs you need to change to transform

identify the beliefs you need to change to transform

Before you begin to really plan for your future, it’s a good idea to identify the beliefs you need to change to transform into what you wish to be.

Most of the beliefs we hold are limiting to some degree but if you want to re-write your story, you will need to re-write some of your beliefs.

Even a simple belief can have a big impact on our lives and change becomes really difficult if you continue to work within the same old beliefs about yourself and your life, as you have always had.

Most of us use metaphors to describe life. For example, some might say “life is a game” while others will say “life is a battlefield” or “life is unfair”. Your life experience will be different depending on which metaphor you use.

(I have said to my kids many times when they have complained about something that “life is unfair”. Ups! This is exactly how limiting beliefs are created. Double ups!)

You can try finishing the sentence:

Life is________________

How to identify the beliefs you need to change

Awareness is key.

So below are the beginning of some sentences you can finish.

Get a pen and paper out and ask to each sentence what they are, should be, or mean.

The trick is to answer quickly and write down the first thing that comes to mind. This is important for it to work.

It’s really great if you can surprise yourself by your answer.

Failure means:

My boss is:

Experiencing challenges means:

Other people are:

Money is:

Work is:

A career should be:

Being successful means:

The future is:

Emotions are:

Being a parent means:

Being a business owner means:

Being a man means:

Being a woman means:

Did you have any AHA experiences?

You can do this same exercise in the following areas if life:

  • Family

  • Culture

  • Behavior

  • Body

  • Socially

  • Work

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of work involved in identifying and changing your beliefs. And most of us don’t do this work. Simply because we don’t know it’s good to do.

Let’s say you wish to start a business, and your core belief is, that good business owners are men (and you’re a woman).

Or that being successful means having being aggressive and working 90 hours a week.

Do you see how those beliefs make starting a business an uphill struggle from the get go?

So now that you have identified some of the beliefs you hold, what you can do, is pick 5 core beliefs.

My top 5 core beliefs are:






For each of your 5 core beliefs ask yourself:

Is it true? How do you know?

Where does this belief come from?

How do you feel when you think about this belief?

Who would you be without this belief?

what do you WANT to believe?

This is such excellent and useful work to do.

It’s taking a look at our default programming and asking “is this even what I want to believe anymore and is it serving me and the kind of person I want to be?”

This work is just so important to do to be able to move forward. A bit uncomfortable, yes, but you got this.

I wish for you to get everything you want, and then some. :-)

There are enough funky obstacles on our paths, limiting beliefs don’t have to be one of them.