Why it takes commitment to reach your goal and not self-discipline

it takes commitment to reach your goal

It takes commitment to reach your goals and create a change. If you have to pick one word to help you succeed, pick commitment.

Not passion, self-discipline, motivation or focus.

But commitment.

The more goals I have reached and are still in the process of reaching, the more I understand that it takes commitment to reach a goal.

You can look at your life and ask:

“What aspects of my life am I committed to?”.








Continuous learning

Making money

Personal growth

You can also be commited to living with



Fulfilling your dreams

Why it takes commitment to reach your goal

I think we know that self-discipline doesn’t get us very far. Most of us would lose the weight, do more exercise, eat healthy, and reach other goals if all we needed was self-discipline.

But when the chocolate gets in front of you self-discipline goes out the window. And when you get home from a busy day at work and sit down to relax, it’ll take more than self-discipline to get you off the couch.

But if you commit to something it’s for the long haul.

Ok, so maybe you didn’t practice the guitar today when you came home from work. But you are committed to learn how to play this thing, so missing a few days of practice won’t matter. You’ll make time because you are committed to learn how to play the guitar.

No matter what obstacles may come in your way, you won’t give up.

Life happens

This is something I always say to my coaching clients when they feel they don’t “do enough”: life happens.

We make plans and have great intentions. But then life happens.

Just this evening, we discovered there is something wrong with our rabbit. And this is all-consuming heartbreak for my daugther so out-the-window goes my plans for writing and working on my website.

Life happens.

But I am committed to my coaching business, my writing and reaching my goals, so I adjust and keep going. But I attend to the rabbit first.

Have self-discipline, practice staying focused and do what you can to stay motivated, but if you make the decision to commit, you’ll get where you want to go.

Your turn..

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