How To Reach Your Goals - Even With Low Confidence

lack of confidence hold you back from reaching your goals

Lack of confidence is one of those strange and lofty things you can’t quite pinpoint. My unofficial estimate would be that most of us don’t feel particular self-confident in at least one area of our lives.

It could be due to our upbringing or something that has happened to us. Maybe we have failed big and been embarrassed in front of people. Or low self-confidence could simply be because we haven’t tried something yet, and therefore don’t know if we can handle it.

I think we all ought to channel our inner Pipi Longstocking:

I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.
— Pipi Longstocking

To most people, I would probably come across as quite a confident person. And this has always confused me, and still does, because that is not how I feel inside. But I think it’s because I confuse confidence with self-worth.

Defining confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

As I understand it, self-worth is a core belief that you’re worthy, valuable and good enough, just the way you are.

Self-esteem is about your sense of self. It requires getting to know yourself with good and bad.

Confidence is a measure of how much you believe in your capabilities. It’s perhaps more about trust.

How not to let lack of confidence stop you reaching your goal

Create a plan.

One of the reasons why I believe in planning your journey is time well spend, is because if you have small steps to follow every day, or every other day, it tends to take you feelings out of the battle.

If your steps are small enough so they are easily done, your lack of confidence won’t be important.

Having an organized plan and focusing on that, will lift you out of your ego/inner critic’s constant attempt to sabotage your efforts of creating a better life for yourself.

If left to your own device, you may find that your lack of confidence takes over. But it could also be overwhelm or perfectionism, fear of success, or any other creative block.

Having an organized plan to follow with tiny steps that feel managable, minimizes thinking and feeling mode, and gets us into “doing” mode.

Tips to be more confident

See which ones of the following tips resonates the most.

  1. Be your own role model
    Be proud of yourself - live your values every day

  2. Express yourself
    Share what you think and feel with others

  3. Challenge yourself
    Stretch yourself, persevere and feel great

  4. Forgive yourself
    There is no such thing as failure - only learning

  5. No more comparing
    Comparison is the thief of joy and confidence.

  6. Discover your talents and use them!
    Feel great about yourself but using your strengths and talents in life

  7. Practice gratitude
    Learn to love and be grateful for ALL of you

  8. Go for “Good Enough”
    Perfection is unrealistic and boring to aim for. Go for good enough.

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Finally, pick 3 actions to practice getting more confident in your life.

  1. I will……

  2. I will…

  3. I will….

You are amazing, just the way you are, because of the way you are, with all your quirks, farts and morning breath. Be confident in your life. There is only one you.