4 Reasons Why People Make Substantial Life Changes

Most of us probably have dreams about our lives, or a wish for some things to be different. Wishes for parts of our lives to be different. It being more money (not many wish for less money, funny that!), a different relationship status, or dreams of living in a different home.

But for wishes and dreams to become real changes, we have to have a reason strong enough to make us act.

Life changes all the time, whether we want to or not. And because you are creating your life as you go along, you might as well create it intentionally.

A lot of us fear change, but to fear change is to fear life. Sometimes we can use so much energy trying to keep things as they are, that we miss out on beautiful things that can come with growth and change.

Understanding the 4 common reasons why people change

If you’re looking to change something in your life, it may be helpful to have a look at these 4 common reasons for change.

  1. Reactive: you respond to a life change, you have to change.

    Life has pushed you into a situation and you have to deal with it. A recent event in your life has made you rethink what you believe in, and who you thought you were.

  2. Proactive: you want to change, you are wanting a change.
    Something is happening in your future and you want to be able to handle it, and you want to be ready for it.

  3. Away: you want to escape a negative situation, the consequence for not changing is high.
    You’ve had enough of a situation, you’re at breaking point.

  4. Toward: you seek a higher meaning, your purpose, fulfillment, passion, and self-determination.
    You are deeply unsatisfied with your life, you know there’s more, even if you don’t know what that more is.
    You have a burning desire to do something different and you want help to figure out how to do it.

Know your reason for change

Change can be practical or it can be internal.

Examples of practical change could be changing your room around, or going for a whole new look in your home. Maybe you want a complete change in your clothing style and how you look.

Practical change can also be changing home, moving house. Anything practical.

Internal change could be changing the way you speak to yourself. Catching your negative, fixed mindset persona, and changing the words and tone of voice in which you speak to yourself.

Internal change can also be finding new values to guide your life.

Whatever kind of change you’re looking for, it’s good to know why. The reason behind your change.

This gives you clarity and clarity leads to confidence.

Note: You may recognize more than one of the reasons for your own change. Life is not cut in a linear fashion. But your clarity about why you seek to change will serve you great. So kudos to you.

Now that you have found the reason for your change, you’ll need to figure out what you want and how to get it.

This is what I coach and write about here on the blog.

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4 reasons people make life changes
Katja Hunter