Why an expensive planner won't make you successful

To make our goals come true we are going to work on fun and challenging things we hopefully haven’t worked on before.

And most of us benefit from writing down the work we have to do, especially if it’s a big goal and there are many different aspects and steps to take and learn.

But you don’t need an expensive piece of paper to plan this work.

A couple of years ago I was talking to my Master Kaizen-Muse creativity coach and she was involved in a business where the business was a business plan. I believe it was a good gig for the owner at the time.

But I never got it.

Why would you spend so much time on making your business plan funky, creative and fun instead of spending your time on your actual business? It didn’t make sense to me.

And I see a little bit of the same happening with the growing market for planners, journals and diaries. There are some lovely planners available and I love finding the “perfect” one. I also suffer from shiny object syndrome. Uh, I can get lost in checking out different planners.

But a plan of action to create change or reach a goal should be simple and straight forward.

What planning you really need to succeed

The planning you really need to succeed is a simple piece of white copy paper and pen. And maybe a cheap calendar.

In this post I write about how all Jerry Seifeld used to create the most popular TV comedy of all time Seinfeld, was a yellow pad and a pen. And then focused work behind closed doors.

No distractions.

We do like to complicate things for ourselves.

I literally have pieces of white copy paper on my bulletin board with blog post dates, email dates, big goals and small goals and more. Then I have a cheap calendar (the cheapest I’ve had) where I write my daily small jobs and reminders in. Things I can cross off when I’ve done them. I love crossing things off.

I also have an expensive planner with smooth lovely paper in pretty colors that I don’t use because the cheap one is just better and has more space. But I got blinded by a shiny object and wasted money on something I don’t use.

A piece of paper and a pen is all you need for planning. Then lots of work, focus, determination and patience is what you need to succeed.
— Katja

If you love fancy planners (like I do) and it makes your life easier and helps you organize your work, by all means have fun with the variety of great planners out there.

But if you start feeling guilty for “getting behind” filling out all the daily tasks on your fancy planner and it adds to your work load, drop it like a hot potato and just know that a normal piece of paper and a cheap calendar will do the trick just fine.

Don’t let your planner be another excuse to procrastinate from doing your important work (speaking from experience :-))

I’d love to know what works for you. What do you use to plan your work? Planners, paper, Google docs? Or something else? Leave a comment and share :-)

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an expensive planner won't make you successful
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