How To Bring Hygge To Your Planning Process

This is the first time I’m addressing the hygge phenomenon, and I’m Danish so I can tell you what it really is.

Hygge is a feeling that doesn’t translate with a single word into any other language.

Let me paint a picture for you:

Right now, as I’m writing this blog post, I’m sitting at our dining table in the front room at my “spot” by the window. My twins are in pj’s and watching Tom & Jerry on the telly while chillin’ on the couch. This is hyggeligt, or hygge. And yes, we have a couple of candles going but this is not necessary for it to be hyggeligt. It’s the feeling we have right now.

The best way I can explain this feeling is that it is a cosy, warm, relaxed, fun, calm, safe, peaceful feeling. It’s kind of a mixture of all those words. Hygge is sort of “accidental” self-care. And let me just say, there doesn’t have to be candles, woolly socks, fireplaces or cosy sweaters involved. Hygge is not just a winter occasion. Hygge is a way of life for many of us Danes. I have lived in many not-particularly-nice places in my time and yet I have always had moments of hygge. It’s a feeling you can create on your own or with other people you enjoy being with.

I too see pins on Pinterest with “How to hygge” and most are a bit off. Hygge can be having an icecream with your good friend, a good conversation or sitting in front of a fire (but only if you are feeling hygge. If you have just had a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend no fire is going to be hyggelig).

I also believe hygge has to do with the fact that us Danes have always been home buddies. Pubs, Café’s and going out has not always been a part of our culture. So making our homes cosy, baking bread and cakes and drinking coffee or tea in the evenings is a huge part of hygge.

My daughter will sometimes say when we all sit on a Friday or Saturday night and watch a programme on telly together “this is so hyggeligt”. Of course, she wants there to be sweets involved too!

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How to bring hygge to your planning process

I try to make my creative work as enjoyable as possible. I love everything involved in running this blog and creating e-courses so it’s not a big stretch. Because I work a day job on the side, my creative work (as I call it) is my hygge, joyful time.

But to bring the feeling of hygge to my planning process I plan and write things down when I feel good. Sometimes I’m in bed, sometimes I’m at the dining table surrounded by my family. I have twinkle lights around my little work desk.

It can also be sitting at my small desk in my bedroom and looking out the window, lost in my thoughts. It can be using a pencil I like to write down steps in my planner or on a piece of paper. Being surrounded by things I like and not clutter. I enjoy my space best when it’s fairly clean and tidy.

How you bring hygge to your planning process is making sure you feel comfortable, safe and cosy. That you use tools you enjoy and sit in a space you enjoy. Maybe you can cut out pictures of art and put it in your planner on special days where you have to work on something challenging. Or maybe you can draw a little heart or something that makes you smile. Bring your favourite cup of Chai or whatever makes you feel good.

Just remember hygge is a feeling so it’s NOT about a specific brand, a fancy type of calendar or scented candles.

Life is about the journey

Hygge is essential to me and my life because life is about the journey for me. I do not want to live for the weekends. It’s important to me that I feel good on a daily basis, that I do work I enjoy and that gives me meaning and that I like my life.

This is something I work hard for, and it’s why I’m a creative life coach so I can help other women do the same.

Creating, hygge, self-care, deep connections with like-minded women, simplicity, riches, love, family and all of those good things are what’s important to me.

And for me to enjoy my journey I need me some hygge :-)

I’d love for you to let me know if I have explained hygge in a way you get it? Does it make sense to you? Or do you already live with hygge? Let me know in the comments.

How to bring hygge to your creating process