Don't Hustle For Your Dream, Plan For It

For an introvert like me, the word “hustle” has always made me feel like I need to take a shower. It makes me feel dirty. But words matter so when you hold a dream in your heart that is so vulnerable that you are afraid to say it out loud, and you hear online marketing “experts” say you have to hustle for your dream, many of us keep our sacred dream locked in our hearts forever.

I understand this. The world of hustling gives me an image of dishonest men in suits trying to flog me crap they don’t care about, and they certainly don’t care about me or my needs.

Unfair? Perhaps, but I’d rather not hustle for anything.

Sometimes that special dream can be just a feeling inside that won’t go away. It can be a thought or an image in your mind. It can be so subtle that you can’t yet put words to it. That special something inside can be so small and light as a feather that it needs to be proteced. It needs to be cared for in order to grow,

And luckily for all of us introvert non-hustle-fans, there’s a different way to reach your dream.

Plan for it.

You can plan for your dream to happen. You can plan for your goal to happen and your change to happen. And if you don’t have a dream or a specific goal or change in mind, you can simply plan for which direction you want to go in.

You can plan anything you want to happen.

There is something magical about pulling an abstract idea from the clouds in your head and down onto paper.

It’s the magical moment of something becoming real. Of inventing new. Something that didn’t exist before and now it does.

This is the power we have, to create. Taking something abstract, lofty, fleeing, and pinning it down to make it real. I think this is one of the miracles of life.

Does planning work for everybody?

Like the word “hustle”, I don’t like a very linear, strategic left brain approach to anything. It doesn’t work for me. And the language around planning has had a too much excel-spreadsheet-feel to it for my liking. This may be why many creatives with multiple ideas and interests has found planning a way to reach their goals difficult.

I believe planning works for most people. It’s just a question of making your plan make sense to you and make it fit into your life. Also, make your steps as enjoyable as you can.

What I love about creating a plan to reach my goals is that it is my process I plan. And I get to decide how I want my process to be. As a creativity coach, I coach people in the creating process so I know that no two processes are the same. And plans will always have to be adjusted because “life” happens.

But that’s the whole point. Your life happens, every day. You will never be able to predict everything that will happens to you, and this is why creating a plan is like a friend you can hold onto and spend time with.

How to plan for your dream

  • First you pull that dream out of your head and onto paper. Write it down.

  • Then you write down everything you can think of that will involve your dream.

    For example where it takes place, who is involved, who you have to be to live this dream, what you have to learn to live the dream, what kind of skills etc.
    Write down if there are elements of this dream you are living already. Say you want to have a successful business and you already have business knowledge, social media accounts, maybe you are blogging etc. See if there are things you are doing already.

  • Then you write a timeline:

    Today Dream

  • And you plot big milestones into this timeline. (Below is just an example)

Today What biz? create product Sell lots of product Dream

  • Then you focus on milestone number 1 and break it down into tiny small steps. Forget the other milestones for now.

    You plan for milestone number 1. In detail, in small steps, with a sense of joy because you are getting closer to your dream.

There are so many ways you can plan for something, and you will have to try different planning systems to find out what works for you.

What I write here is just 1 way. I help women with this process of creating a plan to reach their dream and goals in my coaching programme. And I know it can be done. But we are all different and what is important is that you are true to who you are and what your life looks like today.

Just don’t forget you have a choice.

You can live with peace, patience, joy, play and self-care. Or you can hustle, be impatience and negative and stress about it.

I know, I know it’s not as simple as that. But we do have a choice. That is true.

I practice the joy, patience and self-care process because if I don’t, I’ll head straight for the impatient, stressing-about-it process. And it’s a practice. I just really want you to understand, that there is a different way to achieve what you dream of than having to hustle for it.

Enjoy the process, make a plan that you like working on and be patient. You can literally achieve anyting you dream of. If you plan for it.

I’m here if you need help.

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Don't hustle for your dream, plan for it

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