5 Lessons Marie Forleo Can Teach Us About Being A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

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Marie Forleo is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She coined the phrase. Marie has a tv show that comes out every Tuesday on her website and on YouTube. Once a year she opens her online business course, b-school.

I am a “b-schooler” from 2012, so I am a bit biased. It’s a great business program.

But in this post, I want to focus on the fact, that Marie has build a successful business, being multi-passionate, without paying for advertising, but in a slow, organic way. And without relying on social media.

That’s pretty awesome.

The one niche myth

Although she always says, that if you try and speak to everyone, you speak to noone, her own niche is pretty broad.

Marie wants to help you create a business and life you love.

That’s a very broad niche, but she is completely clear on her customer avatar.

It is the niche of personal development and business.

Some of the topics I have seen her talk about on MarieTV is related to overwhelm, starting the right business, service based, and product based businesses, being multi-passionate, productivity, all kinds of different fears, marketing, and so much more.

People write in and ask her questions, which she then answers in her show.

I presume, from following her for years, that her main interests are personal development and business.

Then she infuses her other passions for dancing and humor into her work, by often showing funny dance clips and silly dress up scenes in her show. This is what is so uniquely Marie and one of the ways her business stands out.

5 lessons Marie Forleo can teach us about being a multi-passionate entrepreneur

I remember Marie talking about, in an episode of MarieTV, how she used to struggle with figuring out what to call herself. And that it was really hard and frustrating not knowing what she “was”. The classic multi-passionate struggle.

But she didn’t let lack of a title stop her from keep creating, and keep taking steps moving forward.

And she has build a multi-million dollar business being a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

Lesson 1:

Not every passion is meant to be a business. If, like me, you are not short on ideas, and the next big thing, it’s tempting to think every new idea should be a new business. Not so.

Lesson 2:

Look for ways to infuse other passons as side-kicks to your main passions. Your different interests and passions are all part of who you are, and what you’re about.

Lesson 3:

Don’t let not knowing what to call yourself stop you from moving forward with your dream. Trust, that as you take steps forward, clarity will eventually come too.

Lesson 4:

It takes patience and a ton of hard work to get where Marie Forleo is today. B-school is 10 years old and she has not raised the price in those years. Marie has had the same business program for 10 years, and it only rolls around once a year.

Lesson 5:

It is possible to have the same business for 10 years as multi-passionate.
I love that.

It’s cool to highlight other multi-passionates and see the work they do.

If you don’t know MarieTv, I recommend you check it out. There are also tons of interesting interviews to feast on.

P.S If you are looking for great resources on being multi-passionate, I have this for you.

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