How Do You Become More Creative And How Long Does It Take?

How do you become more creative and how long does it take

I sometimes feel doing creative work is the antidote to life today, and in particular social media.

Being creative is the rebellious way to live.

Creativity is rebellious because it’s slow. And because it’s difficult and abstract and full of “soft” things like feelings, emotions, intuition, and vulnerability.

It’s hard to teach creativity, because creativity is personal and it’s not easy to know what kind of emotional bagage, and fears someone has. It’s not a one size fits all. You can only create what comes from your emotions and set of beliefs.

How do you become more creative?

I have many suggestions as to how you become more creative, but they depend on who you are. This is what I teach in my online course “How To Be More Creative”. It depends on who you are and what you are doing already. But what I generally suggest you do, if you want to be more creative, is to start paying more attention. Pay attention to your surroundings. Pay attention to what you do in a day and how different things make you feel.

I always recommend writing down thoughts and observations in a journal but if that’s not your cup of Darjeelin’, just see if you can find a way to open yourself up for new inspiration. Follow your energy. Whatever excites you is the lead you follow.

If you’re looking for more tangiable suggestions, here’a bit of a mixed bag of sweets for you:

  • First you decide to figure out a way to be more creative. Do write, build, dance, paint, design etc?

  • You can pick up at pen and write anything for 10 minutes.

  • Take a class on or some other online platform.

  • Join a class in your area.

  • Set 15 minutes aside every (other) day and sit yourself down and do something.

  • You can also check out my course “How To Be More Creative”, where you not only learn how to be more creative, but you also learn a lot about yourself and your own creativity.

My course also answers these questions:

Howcome I don’t do the work I really want?

How do I find the work that fills my soul?

Why can’t I just seem to get on with it?

I don’t believe you get much success by saying “just be more creative” to someone. People don’t know what to do with themselves. If we knew how to be more creative, we would. For sure. Companies would bring out everybodies creative side, and there would be more profit and happiness. I guarentee it.

However, creativity is difficult to teach, because it is so personal. Your creative expression is unique to you.
No amount of “how to…” is going to work, if you don’t know what stops you from creating in the first place. My course teaches you this.

To be more creative you have to just write one sentence, paint one stroke, take small step and then repeat.

How long does it take to be more creative?

You can start today by writing 1 line, or paint 1 stroke.

And then repeat tomorrow. And the day after.

It takes just minutes to be creative.

If you want to be good at your creative work, on the other hand, that takes a long time. But who’s talking about being good? That’s not the point. I’ve heard about the “it takes 10.000 hours to learn a skill” but I don’t believe in all that. It is so individual. What I know for sure, is that creating is about the wonderful process. That’s where all the benefits are. That’s where the meaning, and the nitty gritty is. The hardship, the frustration and wish to quit so strong, but also the unbelievable joy and happiness when you don’t quit, but get through it.

It’s the stuff of legends. And it’s yours, if you want it. All you have to do, is trust yourself, just enough to get started.

My aim with this blog and the products I produce is to help you see that you are creative, and that you can create wonderful, joyful changes in your life by using your creative expression just a little bit more than you do now.

Being creative is not for a special, chosen few. It’s for you. You just have to be willing to open yourself up a little bit, and see what happens. The way to become more creative, is to take one small step after another. Continously. No biggie. One foot after the other. There’s no quick fix.

Make a deal with yourself that you’ll simply try. No more than that. Simply try. I promise you, you won’t regret it. Only something good can come out of spending 10 minutes, or so, with yourself. You deserve it.

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How do you become more creative