A Beginners Guide To Creativity in 3 Easy Steps

a beginners guide to creativity

I have thought about this, and wanted to do a Beginners Guide to Creativity for a long time. Some of my thoughts about doing a guide like this have been:

  • Creativity is personal, so how do I make a guide that is general?

  • Do I know enough about creatvity to make such a guide? (Typical self-doubt)

  • Can anyone even make a guide to creativity?

I have decided it’s a big YES. If just 1 person get inspired by this guide, it’s a success. Whether you learn form me or someone else, the goal here, is to not be afraid of being curious about your own creativity.

If you have looked around on this blog, you’ll know I talk about creativity and the creating process a lot. But I have never made a guide, as such. But then I received a lovely email from someone who asked me if I could help her be more creative.

I swear this is the truth, and I said this to her, I am literally right now creating my first online course and it’s called “How To Be More Creative”!! Seriously. And it’s nearly finished.

Here is a beginners guide to creativity

Step 1:

Be curious.
Be a little more open for new. Look up, look sideways. Travel a new way to work. Cook a new dish. Read a book by a new author, maybe a new genre.

Step 2:

Focus on learning.
Forget about making goals. Focus on learning a little something new. And see what happens.

Step 3:

No perfectionism.
Promise yourself you won’t go down the perfectionist road. Aim for joyful and playfulness instead.

There you have it. 3 simple steps to make you more creative.

Whether you take a class to learn something new online or in person, being open to seeing things in a new light and learning something new, is a way of opening up to inspiration.

Katja Hunter