How To Add Some “Lady Gaga” To Your Creative Work

add lady gaga to your creative work

I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga.

To me (and millions of others) she is courage, creativity, vulnerability, presence, strength, perseverance, hard work, kindness, generosity and connection. And a humongous talent.

She’s a superstar because she stands for all the things we’d love to have a bit of ourselves. That’s my homemade free psychology lesson for you right there. :-)

Truthfully though, I have been watching a lot of Lady Gaga lately, in particular, this song, and she has inspired me to think:

How can I infuse a little Gaga superpower into my own work?

Meaning, how can I be a little more creative? How can I be a little braver?

How can I be a little bit more original?

She is so GOOD. Piano, singing, acting, writing songs, theatrical expression, you name it, she does it.

What is your creative expression?

If you could tell the world anything you wanted, what would you say?

Would you want more visual beauty? Should all hospitals be full of colour?

Would you want more common sense?

Maybe you would love life to be more practical?

Should all places of work have trampolines and fun physical activities?

Perhaps minimal and simplistic makes you feel happy.

How would you express yourself if you had all the choice?

Loud, colourful, shouty?

Or calm, earthy and quiet?

Or a funky mixture of something completely different?

Many questions, I know, but questions are good for getting the brain thinking in new ways, instead of the same thought patterns we think in 90% of the time.

How I am adding more “Lady Gaga” into my work

I’m always trying to learn more about communicating in the online world. I find it’s a case of having to learn, unlearn and relearn. Pretty much constantly.

I want to be real and honest, it’s all I can be, so the way I can add more Gaga to my creative work is to infuse more of my personality.

That’s a complex thing at best, contradicting at worst.

Introvert, but I also want to be “out there”. I love being with the right people.

Empath and sensitive, but also very strong and opinionated.

I love calm, earthy and pastels, but also bright, colourful and “in your face”.

That’s the thing about being creative. We are many things. Look at Gaga, she has a new look for every new record, and movie. And that’s one of the reasons we love her.

But does change looks work in the online blogging/business world?

We are told NO. We have to stick to one niche, one look, one message.

And I get that.

So the challenge is:

How can you and I, be truthful to who we are, as changing, evolving creatives, and still be the same, so we don’t confuse our audience?

My view is, we have to be true to ourselves. Always, first and foremost.

Compromising our values only lead to bad. I have learned this personally. It doesn’t work.

I also believe we, the audience, are smarter than perhaps given credit for. We learn how to scan truth from fake. Eventually, we learn.

In the search for what we want, most of us don’t have a clear idea, we grow and learn so it’s natural that we change. And that’s ok.

If we do know what we want, if we have a clear goal, then the way to reach it will also take turns, ups and downs, that’s how it’s meant to be.

The bottom line always is true to who you are, also if that means you’ll lose people.

The right people will stick with you.