1 Fun (and creative) Way To Deal With Your Negative Voice

fun and creative way to deal with your negative voice

I want to talk about a little special friend that we all have: the negative voice in our head.

This pesky voice is also referred to as fear, and ego. And this voice can, and often does, stop us from living a life of curiosity, courage and creativity.

Not good.


1 fun and creative way to deal with your negative voice

First step:
First, you have got to catch the voice in action. This is crucial. Because a lot of times, we don’t even know this is what controls our thoughts and behavior. We don’t know the negative voice has taken over and is driving the car,so to speak.

So first, catch the critical and negative thoughts in action.

Step 2:

Give your voice and character!

Try and give you voice a character from a cartoon or a movie.

I have tried a couple of characters.

First it was a chipmunk with an annoying squeaky voice.

Now, I have an image in my head of The Tasmanian Devil.

And he’s kind of mad, and jumping up and down. But he is tiny, and therefore I can just pick him up and put him in a chair in a corner and tell him to be quiet.

It’s a fun and light way to take control over my critical voice, because here’s the thing, I will not let anything stop me from doing creative work. No chance!

So, when I sit down to write a blog post, film a video, or create any content, and I hear this voice telling me I’m no good, I picture this little devil, pick him up by his collar, and smile at him while he is being mad. And it’s kinda fun.


What this simple, silly trick does for me, is to remind me, that I won’t be controlled by negativity, ego or fear.

I hope you’ll give it a try. It’s good fun and it may even make you create more. BONUS!