1 Fun (and creative) Way To Deal With Your Negative Voice

fun and creative way to deal with your negative voice

I want to talk about a little special friend that we all have: the negative voice in our head.

This pesky voice is also referred to as fear, and ego. And this voice can and often does, stop us from living a life of curiosity, courage and creativity.

Not good.

We all have it, the voice. The bad news is that it won’t go away. You’ll always have a negative voice in your head that’s trying to stop you from succeeding and loving yourself as you are, with cellulite and rolls of fat an’ all.

In her brilliant course on Udemy.com, Kelly McGonigal explains the science behind your negative, critical voice. In short, our default thinking is negative. That’s the go-to thinking of your brain. That part of our brains hasn’t developed much since the dawn of man. So, you have to work harder to think positive and to let the positive thoughts take up more space.

Basically, it’s not your fault if you’re beating yourself up about being negative. You can give yourself a break. That’s good news, isn’t it?

you can turn up the volume of your positive voice

And there’s more good news! Although you can’t get rid of your negative voice completely, you can turn down the volume of your negative voice and turn up the volume of your positive voice, the voice that is actually the real authentic you.

There are all kinds of tricks and research based suggestions to how you can do this. And as with all things personal, there is not one size (or way) that suits all. You’re gonna have to try different ones to find out what works for you.

That’s what I do.

I’ve always been talking to myself. Out loud as well. And yes, I have been told I’m odd more than once. :-) But it turns out, it’s not a bad idea to talk to yourself as if you’re two different people.

The method I’m about to share with you is a fun and creative way to deal with your negative voice. It’s a trick I use sometimes, when I catch myself being too negative.

1 fun and creative way to deal with your negative voice

Step 1:
First, you have got to catch the voice in action. This is crucial because a lot of times we don’t even know this is what controls our thoughts and behavior. We don’t know the negative voice has taken over and is driving the car, so to speak.

Your thoughts create your life. This is such an incredibel power that we have. I’m sure you can think of a situation in your life when you have decided something and then gone and done it. That was your thoughts creating your life.

I’m not an advocate for only being allowed to feel positive emotions. Bloody hell. We have all the range and we all feel them. There’s no pretending we don’t. The trick is to accept every feeling, investigate what’s going on and then try and feel the more positive ones most of the time.

So, step one is to catch the critical and negative thoughts in action.

Step 2:

Give your voice and character!

Try and give you voice a character from a cartoon or a movie.

I have tried a couple of characters. First it was a chipmunk with an annoying squeaky voice. Now I have an image in my head of The Tasmanian Devil. And he’s kind of mad, and jumping up and down. But he is tiny, and therefore I can just pick him up and put him in a chair in a corner and tell him to be quiet.

I have also had certain people pop up in my head when I hear that critical voice. Maybe you too have or have had people in your life who’s critical voice you can hear at times.

Giving your voice a character is a fun and light way to take control over your critical voice, because here’s the thing, I will not let anything stop me from doing creative work. No chance! And I hope you won’t either.

So, when I sit down to write a blog post, film a video, or create any content, and I hear this voice telling me I’m no good, I picture this little devil, pick him up by his collar, and smile at him while he is being mad.

Although it feels silly, what it does is separate myself from the negtativity just long enough to realize that it’s fear talking, and not me. It’s not because I’m useless, it’s just ‘cause my brain is being normal.

Bottom line about your negative voice..

Fear is good, it keeps us safe. That dodgy guy you want to avoid, that terrible job you have to get out of and most importantly perhaps for us mothers, fear help us keep our kids safe. At least until they are old enough to go out on their own.

You just can’t let your fear and critical voice stop you from doing creative work. Creative work is not dangerous. It’s going to be ok. That’s when you have to use every trick you can find to turn down the volume on that voice and whack up the volume on your positive and authentic voice.