How Creativity Can Help You Through Tough Times

Creativity can help you through tough times

So very recently, I have gone through a tough time. Sometimes, life just knocks you sideways. So, let me tell you, I know, creativity can help you though touch times.

In this case, I should have acted on my intuition earlier. I have actually pretty much always listened to my intuition, it is my biggest guidance in life, but in this case, I just didn’t act when I should have. It is a lesson I have now learned.

Amidst all this chaos I was going through, I cannot tell you, how grateful I am, to have had my creative work to focus on. Some days I could only manage to focus 10-30 minutes. Other days, I could work a couple of hours. But creating was a life-saver.

Shifting focus away from the chaos and drama that goes on in my head, and over to working on a project that fills me with joy. This is what creative work does for me. Even if just for 10 minutes. But those 10 minutes of feeding my soul slowly build me back together. This sounds a bit dramatic, but it is essentially what happened.

When we let other people’s opinions or outer circumstances control how we feel, we loose the connection to ourselves. And so, expressing what we hold inside is a way to get back to our true self. When you create, you work from within.

A little woo woo, but true nonetheless.

This is why I’m passionate about creativity

I am passionate about creativity for many reasons, and using creativity to help us heal, and deal with personal chaos, is one of my favorite reasons.

Many studies show, that creativity is good for you. I read this one study that says, the stress-related hormone cortisol lowers significantly, after just 45 minutes of doing art work, or other creative work.

That is HUGE!

Here is the link to that article.

How creativity can help you through tough times

  • When you spend time with yourself, it gives you time to reflect on your situation

  • Creating is expressing through your filter, so your thoughts and emotions will affect what you come up with.

  • Creating takes your focus away from whatever is happening in your life that is tough, and onto your working on bringing new to life.

  • And like the article says, creating lowers cortisol in your brain, which lowers your stress level.

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Do what you can

When you go through a hard time in your life, because struggle is a common human experience, I recommend you do what you can to get back to yourself.

Take 10 minutes to be on your own. Write, read an uplifting inspiring book. Look for affirmations and write them down, go for a walk (this is an advice that often annoys me but I have tried it a few times, and it can be nice).

Just do what you can.

Nothing is permanent, and you will be fine.

You creativity is free and it’s always in you.

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