3 Specific Things A Creative Life Coach Can Help You With

In this post you’ll learn 3 specific things a creative life coach can help you with.

If you need help figuring out how you can be more creative, get clear on your creative and life goals, and have a step-by-step plan, I can help you.

Like many people, certainly creative multi-passionate people, I have a love/hate relationship with titles. I understand having a title for the job you do is useful, but I believe titles become a problem when we put our whole identity in them. Also, we are all so much more than one title. We have, or have had, several jobs. I’m a mom, a wife, a friend, a Teaching Assistant, a daughter, a sister and so many more things.

Just like you are, I’m sure.

The thing is, when you want people, the right people, to find you on Google, Pinterest, or YouTube, you have to help them along by using words they would search for, and that somewhat sums up what you do.

Not easy for a multi-passionate gal, like myself!

The title that sums up what I do here on this site, my blog and business, is creative life coach.

What does a creative life coach do?

In my case, I’m a certified Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, and Life Coach. I have put the two together, and this makes me a Creative Life Coach.

Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching is very much geared toward coaching people in doing their creative work, essentially helping you go through the creating process, and overcoming your specific creative blocks. I understand the non-linear path of creating, and the non-linear way highly creative people think.

Jill Badonsky (the founder of this kmc-coaching, calls us academic refugees, whicj I think is brilliant.

Kaizen is the Japaneese philosophy of continuous improvement through small steps, small questions, small rewards, and mind sculpture.

Life Coaching is about defining your life goals, and create a plan to make them come true. So, you close the gap between where you are today, and where you want to be.

As a creative life coach, I help you design a life you love by getting clear on your life goals and your creative goals, and then help you create a plan to make these goals come true. With tools, help, and support to handle the creative blocks and difficulties you WILL meet on your journey.


3 specific things a creative life coach can help you with

  1. Get clear on your creative- and life goals

  2. Help you get unblocked in your creative process so you keep that fulfilling creative work going.

  3. Create a detailed step-by-step plan of small steps to keep you structured and moving forward.

I encourage you to read those 3 things again. And then think for a moment what it would do for you and your life, if you got this help.

Who is creative life coaching for?

This kind of creative coaching is for you..

  • if you want to make time for more creativity in your life but you just don’t seem to do it.

  • If you need help with getting clear on what it really is you want.

  • You have many creative ideas, and you need some structure, and a plan to keep moving forward, so you don’t keep getting sidetracked. (hello, multi-passionate!)

  • If you are creatively blocked and need help getting unblocked, so you can keep creating.

  • If you don’t consider yourself creative, but is curious about doing something about that feeling of unfulfillment you have inside.

Creative life coach is a mix of creativity coaching and life coaching

And who is this creative life coaching not for?

This coaching is not for you if

  • you believe everyone else is responsible for your life and you don’t have to do any inner work yourself.

  • If you are into massive action and instant results.

  • If you are simply not prepared to invest in yourself.

  • You think you have it all figured out.

Life is one long journey of learning, growing, and living. Having struggled so much myself, I want to help you and support you through your struggles. Because you can get through them. Ask for help. That is something I have not been good at, but it helps.

Get in touch on this page if you want to know more, or have any questions for me. I’m always happy to chat.

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3 specific things a creative life coach can help you with