How To Create Life Goals In (creative) 3-Steps

I help women create life goals through my creative life coaching.

I bet you were told in school to get an education and a job. Maybe you were even told to get a career. But were you taught to set life goals?

I wonder!

So, a life goal is what you’d like to achieve in your life.

It could be work related. But it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you dream of helping a particular group of people, even if it has nothing to do with your job.

Your life goals has more to do with what is important for you to achieve, than it is material gains. But it could also be that your biggest life goal, is to live in the biggest house in your town. If that’s what you dream of, go for it!

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Why is it important to have Life Goals?

It’s important to have life goals because it puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. And you want that. You don’t want someone else taking you for a ride, so to speak. And you and I know, how quickly time flies, and everyday life takes over. Very quickly, life is about bringing in the moneys, paying the bills, raising kids, shopping, cooking, and holidays.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Life happens in the small moments. And I believe, it’s the everyday routines that builds a life.

However, I also believe the reason many of us reach a certain age and think “is this it?”, is because we haven’t been fulfilling our soul.

We have let someone else take the wheel of our life for too long.

Well, here’s how you can change that.


How to create Life Goals?

I have a 3-step process to get clear and create life goals.

Step 1

Write down all the dreams you’ve ever had, your passions, values, strengths, skills, experience, what kind of person you’d like to be and what you want to be good at. If there was something you could better at than anyone else, what would it be?

Write it all down. Brainstorm. Get it out and onto paper.

The important thing here is to look at the past up till today. Be kind and generous to yourself. You are full of skills, strengths, abilities and passions. Don’t sell yourself short here, be bold and get it all out.

Step 2

Where in the last step you had to look to the past and present, this step requires you to look into the future.

See if you can project into the future, let’s say 20 years or so, and imagine yourself.

How do you speak?
How do you spend your days?
Where do you live?
What kind of people do you hang out with?
What is your financial situation?

If it makes it easier for you to imagine, you can put “want” in the questions.

So, how to I want to speak?
How do I want to spend my days?
Where do I want to live?
What kind of people do I want to hang out with
What to I want my financial situation to be?
How big is your savings account?
What do I want to have achieved?

Step 3

Get creative!

This is where you mix step 1 and step 2.

Go to town to bring your vision from step 2 to life. Create a vision board, cut out pictures from mags, create a mission statement. You can speak to your friends and ask them to help you.

You can write a Hero’s Journey story, where you are the hero (of course). It’s the story of the life of you, the journey you’re on and where you triumph.

What do you know and do already that’ll make you reach your life goals, and is there anything you need to learn or do differently?

Have fun creating your life goals. You can make it a special occasion with a nice cuppa, candles, music or whatever you’re into. It’s such a powerful exercise, because it gives you a lot of clarity about how you want to live, and what you need to do, to achieve your goals.

I wish someone had sat me down when I was young and taught me this 3-step process. I’m a creative multi-passionate, and it has taken me years to figure out what’s important for me.

You can use your life goals as a North Star. Don’t worry about a plan of action at this stage. Getting clear on your life goals is what you want to focus on.

A heads up: your goals might change as you grow and learn. If they do, you just create new ones by using this 3-step process.

There you have it.

Let me know if this is helpful to you in the comments. Have you got other tips for setting life goals, I’d also love to hear them.


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