2 Hidden Reasons You're Not Getting Your Creative Work Done

The reasons you’re not getting your work done may not be obvious to you. Yes, you may procrastinate by going to the sweet cupboard 10 times, like me, but I bet you’re never far from your phone. But hey, it’s important to check what’s happening on Insta 10 times an hour. I know, I’m with you. I have to see jvn’s new backflip stories (I LOVE him). Even doing chores often gets higher priority than creative work.

The most dissatisfying feeling is not doing what you love. I love Insta too, but that’s not work. That’s watching.

Why don’t you jump at any chance to do the work you love so much, and that makes your heart sing?

I’ll tell you why.

Because it’s much easier being passive than being active. Who doesn’t love watching Netflix while snacking? Hello! I do! Have you wacthed Queer Eye? I’m a little obsessed, love those guys.

So yes, procrastinating is easy, doing creative work, not so easy.

However, there might be a deeper reason why you’re not creating, if you procrastinate so much, you don’t do ANY work.

2 hidden reasons you’re not getting your work done

In a nutshell, creating naturally brings up fear because it exposes who you are. Your brain will always be in alarm when you try something new. Even if it’s just doing a little painting.

If you’re not able to get past constant procrastination, there may be a couple of other reasons why you’re not getting your work done.

Feeling unworthy

Feeling unworthy, that deep feeling of not being good enough can lead to self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is a deep rooted feeling, and usually comes from your childhood. You were told, or made to feel, you were not good enough as a child growing up. So now, you cut yourself off before you get successful. Extreme high expectations also lead to self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage usually shows up in 3 areas of your life:

Your relationship.

Your work.

Your health.

You may not think you deserve good things. (But you do!)

The first step to overcome self-sabotage is awareness. And then self-compassion. Self-kindness is essential in any case, but you’re hurting if you feel you don’t deserve success, or feeling joyful. And in that case, you’ll need lots of self-love and self-compassion.

A good question to ask yourself could be: how would it feel, to be ok with being successful?

Mindsculpture is another powerful way to overcome self-sabotage - and you can do this without leaving your bedroom.

I go into more details about mind sculpture in “How To Be More Creative”.

Lack of energy and motivation

Lack of energy and, or motivation, could be another deeper reason for consistently not doing your work In a world where we constantly are “on”, we can literally empty ourselves out of stuff to give.

If you know anything about my site and how I coach, you’ll know I don’t subscribe to the “massive action” lingo. We have to fill up our own water tank first before we can share drops with others. It’s putting the oxygen mask on ourselves first.

I didn’t get that for years, and I still work myself to the bones sometimes, looking after my family and working. Seriously, why is it that I am the only one in this house that knows where everything is?

The point is, I know that creativity needs rest. And since I am creativity, that means me!

If you lack energy toward your creative work, maybe it’s because you need a break. A complete break. Take a week off. Completely off. Take 3 weeks off. Ban yourself from doing anything remotely related to your creative work.

Fill yourself up with life, laughter, friends, pampering.

There are cycles to creativity. Productive and unproductive seasons, and the unproductive are actually as important as the productive seasons. It’s where your tank gets refilled.

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Creative resistance is real

You and I both know, that resistance is real when you move into uncertain territory. Whether it’s doing fitness, signing up for a new class, speaking up at work, or sitting your butt down to write that blog post. The struggle is real. Omg, how many times I go and check our sweet cupboard when I am trying to write a blog post. It’s ridiculous.

But there is a difference between “normal” procrastinating and feeling unworthy of experiencing creative joy and success.

As I said in the video, I’m no therapist, and if you think you’re self-sabotaging yourself and need help, definitely go get some. I’ll cheer you on all the way, because you’re putting yourself first, and that’s the bravest thing to do.

How to overcome procrastination

Have I got the right help for you. :-)

In my e-course “How To Be More Creative”, you learn how the creating process works. You learn the 5 most common creative blocks, and what other creative blocks they lead to.

And here’s the super fun part: you get the different tools that works with overcoming the creative blocks. Neat, right?

Check out How To Be More Creative here

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I also want to know in the comments, how do you get through procrastination?

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