3 Ways To Fuel Creativity When You Feel Down In The Dumps

fuel your creativity when you're down

There are many interesting and creative ways you can fuel creativity when you feel down in the dumps. You have to find out what works for you. I am going to share with you 3 ways that I use to fuel my creativity when I am feeling down in the dumps, or out of connection with myself.

In my course “How To Be More Creative”, there’s a module about what to expect in the creating process. And one of the things to know about creativity is that it has cycles. The cycles of your creativity is unique to you, and what goes on in your life.

Creativity is personal. You’ll hear me say this all the time.

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3 ways to fuel creativity when you feel down in the dumps


Rest, I believe, is underrated as creative fuel.

Rest, for you, can be daily naps, self-care in the form of retail shopping, mani-pedi, spending time in nature, doodling, or whatever works for you. But actively recharging your batteries is what resting means.

It’s putting a stop to the constant consuming of information and go-go-go-mentality, to go and unplug the world for a little while to get still and quiet with yourself. Listen to the birds sing, breathe, rest.


Writing down your thoughts and feelings is proven to help your mental state.

In his gem of a book “One small step can change your life - the kaizen way” Robert Maurer writes:

Research demonstrates that people who use a journal to chart their emotions receive the same kind of psychological benefit of those who talk to a doctor or minister or friend.
— Robert Maurer

As Dr. Maurer also goes on to say, the fact that you decide your emotions are important enough to write about, is a kind of self-respect, and self-care in itself.

By writing about what has made you feel down in the dumps may not give you divine inspiration to create, but writing down what is troubling you is a way of making room for creatve energy.

You empty your head to make room for something new.


What! I hear you say. “But that’s the whole point, I can’t create.”

Wait. What I mean is, is there some kind of making/creating you can do without almost thinking? Something you can do, that doesn’t require much of you?

For me, I can always to back over old blog posts and redo the images, update the writing, check for typos, go on Canva and create new images. That kind of thing. I have done this many times over the years, it’s time consuming and doesn’t require much thinking on my part.

Drawing in mandala books is super helpful to loads of people. It’s not really creating as such, but it still satisfies the brains need to do something.

What I’m talking about here is a very low level of creating. Almost on auto-pilot. When you do something with your hands, often it helps the brain shift, from focusing on negative thoughts, and onto the job at hand (no pun intended!).

I use these 3 ways to fuel my creativity all the time. Not at the same time, of course, but especially the resting and very low level creating. Those two I use the most. I love a good nap in the afternoon, always have.

Other ways to fuel your creativity when you’re feeling down

Go to a museum. Have a look at some art, even if you’re not that interested at first.

Read a book by Sir Ken Robinson, Austin Kleon, Robert Maurer, or other interesting folks.

Start learning somehting you’re interested in. Let’s say, you’ve been curious about photoshop for a while. Start learning it. Join a class of some sort. My sister recently joined a pottery class, and she is producing the loveliest vases and bowls. And it has nothing to do with her day job.

Go for a walk and take 5 pictures of something you have never photographed before.

Go to a book store and browse the art book section.

Mix up your clothing style a bit. Go to a charity shop, or vintage shop if the finances are a bit tight.

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