3 Powerful Reasons Personal Education is the Future

"Personal education is the future, there's no question about that."

I made this bold statement when I was talking to a lovely woman from Catcat.com, a free online learning platform.

This future of education is already slowly happening.

The education paradigm shift is coming

Many teachers are tired of the endless testing system, so they infuse creative ways to deal with the tests (because they have to use them).

Instead, they focus on what interests the students have and adjust their teaching accordingly.

I personally know teachers doing this. 

We hear of whole schools changing education paradigms.

Even a whole country, Finland.

Here in Denmark, there is an increase in private schools popping up with teachers breaking free of the old fashioned and outdated public school system.

Parents want a different education for their children than the public school system can offer. They want an education with more creativity, movement, and nature.  And smaller classes.

The 3 Powerful Reasons Personal Education is the Future

Reason 1: Creativity

Creativity is going to play a bigger part in education. 

Bringing creativity to our learning means, among other things, being curious, brave, dealing with own feelings and emotions, being adaptable and able to "do". Being able to take action on new suggestions and ideas.

In a nutshell, being creative is wearing the "Yes, I-will-try-and-figure-this-out-hat" and not the "No, this-can't-be-done-hat".

Creativity is already coming to education in some places.

We are collectively realizing that being able to think of new ideas, problems and solutions and connecting dots in new ways is essential to function in today's world.

Different thinking is needed to solve the challenges and problems we have created. Problems like what to do with all the plastic that is destroying our oceans and environments.

This creative thinking has to be infused in workplaces across all industries and education systems. Both in the public sector and in the private sector.

Reason 2: Technology

Technology makes it possible for online platforms to personalize courses of learning to fit your specific interests and needs.

Already there are online learning platforms like CreativeLive.com, Udemy.com, Coursera.org, and Catcat.com

This stat by www.elearningindustry.com says that 

The eLearning market is anticipated to be a $37.6 billion market by 2020.

That's big business. 

Lifelong learning is for everyone. As we live longer, a lot of us will have several careers. 

Reason 3: Multi Skills

Businesses and companies will be training employees so they require knowledge and learn skills to suit their specific needs.

Having multi skills is already more normal now than it was 10 years ago.

Because of technology and creativity, job titles are becoming less important. Being able to cross over to other departments within the same company is useful.

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Specialized knowledge will still be important, but I predict having specialized knowledge in more than one field will be the way forward.

Like in this example:

Let's say you are a pedagogue and also train as an interior designer. This makes you the perfect expert to consult when new children's nurseries, kindergardens and schools are being build. 

You'll know what it's like to work and thrive in buildings with children. Most importantly, you'll be able to see the interior from the children's perspective.

Your future is here

If you are a young person reading this, I wouldn't worry about jobtitles but about acquiring skills that no robot can automate.

Work with your hands, or with people. Social and emotional skills are key. As is creativity.

And no matter what age we are, being afraid of trying new things is something we will always be. But we must not let that fear stop us. There are, and will be many more, online learning platforms you can try. 

Learn for your own sake. Because it's interesting to learn something you didn't know before. You never know when you might need it.

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personal education is the future