3 reasons why you should listen to your gut feeling:


So why should you listen to your gut feeling?

Do you know the difference between making a decision with your head and a decision with your gut?

A 'gut' feeling is when you just sort know this is the right decision.
It might not be the most sensible or smart decision, but you just know it's the right one, for some reason.
And you find it difficult to explain why you make the decision, other than it just 'feels' right.

A decision made with your 'head' is a decision that is logical. It makes sense and you can explain why it is the right decision. That decision is often based on facts and results - or other people's opinions.

Both decisions are made in your brain, of course.
Not your gut, your heart, sleeve or anywhere else.
But your brain.

Your gut feeling comes from the limbic system in your brain on the right side of your brain.

Your rational decision-making happens in your left hemisphere - the left side of your brain.

Which side of your brain should you listen to?

Your rational side or your emotional side?

Here are 3 reasons why you should listen to your gut feeling:

  1. The part of the brain that controls the 'gut' feeling, is the same part of the brain that controls your feelings.

2. Your 'gut' is the true YOU. Because your gut (limbic brain) will tell you what's true for you. Not your family, your friends, boss or Internet Expert. :-)

Note: If you have difficulty explaining what your gut 'tells you', don't worry. There is a biological explanation:
The limbic brain (gut) does not control language. This is good to know and might be why many people choose to ignore the feeling.

I hope these 3 reasons will help you trust your R-brainer (gut) decisions.
They might not necessarily be easier decisions but they will be right for you.