3 Things That Make You Less Creative

things that make you less creative

It's not hard to find things that make you less creative. Just think of your everyday life with getting up showering, breakfast, getting to work, work, home, dinner, washing, collapsing in front of the telly.

If you have kids, there's homework, talking, tidying, bedtime etc.

We have habits that serve us every day and a lot of our day is on autopilot. 

In my world, habits are a good thing. IF they are good habits.

As an introvert and empath, I get easily overwhelmed and drained, so habits help me automate some things in my day. Which gives my mind a small break.

I have picked out 3 things that make you less creative in this post. I have written this post about how to be more creative and I'm nearly done with an online course that teaches you how to be more creative.

My pick of 3 things that make you less creative

Believing you are not creative.

Believing you are not creative has to be the biggest obstacle in being creative and pursuing creative work.

If you think you are not creative and therefore don't believe there's any point in trying something new and follow your curiosity, you won't build your creative muscle.  

I have heard so many people claim not to be creative, and because this is their firm belief it doesn't occour to them to try any creative work or artistic work. It being drawing, doodling, painting, building, playing a music instriúment or whatever. 

It's simply out of their reach. 

So not believing you are creative, even just a little bit, will make you less creative.

Unrealistic expectations

Oh, this one is a killer. Literally a creativity killer. We are living in a judging culture where everything we do is weighed and measured constantly. 

The bar is raised all the time.

From early childhood we are expecting to do well, be clever, be nice, be pretty, cute or handsome, cool, smart, funny and a whole other things.

Bloddy hell, how often do someone announce they want to stay mediocre?

Not often, as far as I know.

So having unrealistic expectations about what one person "should" achieve is so normal we don't question it

You are just not going to be good at something for a very long time. You will be very bad. And you know what? That's how it's meant to be. Always was.

Being a "recovering" perfectionist I have to remind myself that I am not going to be able to write as good in English as an English person who has studied literature. 

It's not going to happen.

First of all, I'm Danish and I haven't studied literature.

But I can write as me and still get my passion and mission across.

These 3 things that make you less creative are good to deal with if you want to want to create or have children that do.

These 3 things that make you less creative are good to deal with if you want to want to create or have children that do.

Comparing yourself to others

How can we stop this "disease"? Comparing ourselves to others? 

This is such a pet peeve of mine and one of the many reasons I love creativity so much.

You can't compare creativity.

It's not possible.

This is what is so wonderful about creativity and doing creative work. It's highly individual.

But we still try.

We compare our writing, our art, how successful our business is, how many subscribers we have and followers on social media.

We constantly compare ourselves to others.

One of my missions is to help you build up the courage to express yourself creatively, with emotions. Because your expression will be unique to you.  And can never be compared to anyone else.