3 tips to help you stop focusing on what annoys you


"Where attention goes, energy flows"

That's how the saying goes.

But what happens when where your energy goes, is not somewhere good, but you still can't seem to stop it going there?

Like those extra pounds you've put on in weight, your lack of funds, or something that annoys you about your partner or colleague?

How can you stop focusing on what annoys you?

Step 1 : Awareness.

"Ups, there I go again, checking out by belly in the mirror"

I think the first step, is to be aware of what it is you think when you look at yourself, your partner or whatever it is that annoys you.

Step 2: Decision

Make a decision to want to change your focus.

This is the harder bit, for me anyway.

It's a case of "you know what, this is not making me feel good. I need to make a change".

Every time you catch yourself thinking about "that thing that's annoying" STOP! and have something positive ready to think or say out loud instead.

Find a specific thing you can focus on, so you don't have to start searching in the moment.

Then repeat, repeat, repeat, practice, practice, practice......

3. Make a Credit List

This is a tool we use in Kaizen-Muse coaching.

A credit list is a list of positives.

You can do a credit list to the question of:

"What do I like about myself?" or

"What do I like about my partner?" or

"What makes me a good person/mother/friend/partner..........you get the meaning.

You can challenge yourself to come up with 15 things.

(this can also be a really good list to have handy when you're feeling down.)

And there you have it. 3 solid tips.

I hope you find them useful.

It sure takes practice, but focusing on the positive rather than the negative WILL add more joy to your life.

And I'm practicing right with you :-)