3 Versions of a Creative Process

As I help women be more creative it means I get insight into how it looks for them when they create. You can see 3 versions of the creative process here, but in truth, we all go through our own creating process. Each creative project has it’s own process. Some easier than others.

3 versions of the creative process

Creative process version 1:

You start off excited. New, great idea. You get off to a good start, full steam ahead.

Then you meet a challenge. Shit. You start to doubt. "Is this the right thing? I don't know how to do this. Everyone else seems to be able to do it, I'm doing something wrong."

This is creative chaos. 

Creative chaos is part of any creative process. It will happen.

Challenge, mistakes, confusion, comparison, frustration.

It can last for a long time.

Then....you work through the chaos and get to a result.

It may be a different result than you set out to achieve, but you come through with something.

Creative process version 2

This is one long creative chaos.

From start to finish.

You are confused about what exactly to create, you keep changing your mind and your process is one long trial and error until you at some stage, after what could be years, get to a result.

Creative process version 3

This version of a creative process is probably most common to me. It's up and down and up and down. It starts off good, the hit creative chaos, followed by a period of steady work, followed by creative chaos etc.

Until eventually, a result is reached.

I have made a little drawing to illustrate the 3 different versions of a creative process.

3 creative processes

3 creative processes


As you may be able to tell, there's a lot of creative chaos in a creative process.

I go more into what goes on in creative chaos in this post.

There are probably more than 3 versions of a creative process, but these 3  are those I know best.

The wonderful and interesting part of creating, for me, is in the creative chaos. Or also in the creative chaos, I should say.

But it's where 85% of us quit, and that is such a shame, so if you expect this chaos to happen, you'll be better equipt to work through it.


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3 versions of the creative process