4 Genuine Myths About Creativity

4 genuine myths about creativity.

There are a good few genuine myths about creativity around, but if we want to focus more on creativity in our work places and in education systems, it's important we get clear about what it is we're talking about.

I have tackled 4 of those myths in this post. These are the 4 most common genuine myths about creativity that I hear from people.

4 Genuine Myths About Creativity

Myth #1: Creative people are disorganized

This is not true of all creatives. What I find is true for a lot of creative people, including myself, is that we thrive best when our surroundings and our work is organized because what goes on in our heads are completely disorganized.

It's true we see a lot of studios and work stations of creatives that are stacked with books, notes, paint, ornaments and other bits and they often look messy and chaotic.

The creating process is messy by definition so that can explain why the place we create looks that way. It often has more to do with having everything you need for this messy process you're in within reach, than it is a picture of your whole life.

You certainly have to be somewhat organized to make a living from your creative work, with all the different hats you ave to wear.

Myth #2: Children are more creative

To be creative (apply new ideas that add value) means taking bits and pieces from "shelves" in our mind and putting them together in new ways.

Writing this blog post is a creative act because I am not copying the text from someone else but making up these sentences by myself with knowledge I have aquired.

Children are not more creative than adults because they don't have as many "shelves" to pick from to create something new. 

Children are just less fearful of expressing themselves. They live in the moment and haven't luckily build up as many walls of fear as adults and so they will have a go at what they come up with. 

Children are not so worried about whether it is right or wrong or what other 2-year-olds will say. They just have a go. 

Their imagination is being allowed to fill their lives as they don't have to worry about things like rent, food, bills etc. Lucky them :-)

As a Teaching Assistant, I look after children from 6 months to 3 years old and they are hilariously funny and wonderful little beings to be with.

Myth #3: Creativity is about art

Creativity is also about art but not exclusively about art. 

Being creative is very much about being curious. And following that curiosity into doing. Thinking creatively is an important part of the creating process but thinking is not a creative act in itself.

Creativity = doing

So doing something new that has a certain value is creative.

This is anything from cooking, to science, creating computer games, makeup artists, dancing, building, writing, you name it. 

Creativity is the process of trying something new which means failing sometimes. Sometimes a lot. 

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original 
— Sir Ken Robinson

You can live a creative life and not be very good at art. This is the category I fall under.

Myth #4: Creativity is for the chosen few

All humans are creative. We have imaginations, therefore we are creative.

In most education systems creativity is not prioritized. As Sir Ken Robinson say, we are being educated out of creativity and into conforming.

So we are put on the conveyer belt and this becomes our life.

That's why so many of us don't think we are creative.

The creatives are those who do art and for unknown reasons have not been overtaken by conformity.

This is not true, of course, we are all creative. There are only those who use their creativity and those who don't.

And then there are the highly creative thinking people. The multi-passionate, the polymaths, some ADD and ADHD people.

These people are not necessarily artists but operate on a higher frequency. You'll often find these people are dropouts, serial entrepreneurs, have portfolio careers.

So now you know

You are creative. And also more creative than a 5 year-old. 

And just because you're not good at doing arty things, doesn't mean you are not a creative person.