A Creative Process is not the same as a Plan

a creative process is not the same as a plan

"Creating is a process"

It's worth repeating because that's where the gold lies hidden.

In the process.

Perhaps you might think a creative process is the same as a plan.

And I can see that.

It's something you go through to get to a result.

But it's not.

A plan is pretty much something you control.

You can try to plan a process, but you will most likely find that the process won't go according to plan.

A creative process is often completely out of control.

In fact, the creative process is about letting go of control and allowing for detours, and the ups and downs every creative process involves.

The reason creating is so difficult, I believe, is that it digs into our feelings and most of us don't know how to deal with that.

Honestly, until I trained as a creativity coach, I didn't have a clue about the process of creating.

And that a creative process can just as well be a situation at work, as art related.

Finding out I am a, now recovering, perfectionist was a chock. And it continues to be something I have to work on every time I create something. Going for good enough and not perfection.

There's a vital part of the creative process that I think is so important to know about.

It's what we in my coaching call "Creative Chaos"

Creative chaos is part of every process and it comes after the first excitement of the idea.

It's basically when it gets difficult.

When you find that plan of yours doesn't work when you start doubting why the heck you started in the first place.

When clarity has gone and it's all just one big fog and the whole thing is annoying!

This part of the creative process WILL happen. It's simply part of it.

But it's where 80-85% of us quit!

Because we don't know this is supposed to happen.

I think a plan is great to have. It can totally clear up some mental space to get stuff down on paper and make a plan of action.

What's not helpful, is to beat ourselves up when things don't go according to that plan.

I think of a plan, as something you make before you get started and a creative process is when you are knees deep in action.

I hope this is more useful than confusing to you ;-)