Add Creativity To Discount And You Have Innovation


Add creativity to discount and you have innovation. I'm talking about architecture here.

I was asking an architect I know why all new builds are so boring. New office buildings, and new apartment buildings here in Aarhus, Denmark are boring, unimaginative and uninspiring.

They are either the usual brick, black steel, glass or big square boxes of concrete. There's a similar look to all new office buildings and new apartment blocks here in Denmark.

I asked him why that is.

He told me it's because the clients who pay for the buildings, want to use the cheapest materials possible.

Ugly buildings are about the dollar or kroner here in Denmark.

It's always about the money. Of course, it is.

But here's what I can't understand.

Why isn't someone inventing color powder or color liquid to add to the place where bricks, steel, and concrete are made?

You'll have to excuse my ignorance. I don't know how these things are made, but it seems to me there must be a way to make discount more interesting and creative.

Add creativity to discount and you have innovation

Imagine if there were concrete buildings in color block blue, orange, red, yellow?

How cool would that be?

If you had funky colored bricks and not the standard yellow and red. Can you imagine living in a town where the buildings were colorful and arty and not grey and black?

There must be a way to make bricks in different colors and have them still cost 5 kroner a brick.

You know how you add food coloring when you make cakes and icing? Maybe the same principle could be used to building materials.

Just saying.

Bring on some creativity to discount. Just because it's cheap, does it really have to mean it's not creative?

UPDATE: This article about a TED Talk about joy shows you what color can do (it's a MUST WATCH)