How Art Therapy Can Help To Allow Your Feelings to Be Part Of You

Allow your feelings to be part of you

Please don't forget to feel something. Please allow your feelings to be part of you. Especially the hard and horrible ones. The feelings that make you feel bad about yourself, and that makes you feel all alone in the world. Especially feel those feelings.

Please don't pretend they are not there.

Because we all have them.

There is a lot of sadness over well-known people we have lost lately.

If there is anything respectfully to say in these situations, without adding more hurt, it could be a heightened awareness of depression specifically and mental health generally.

As I am always banging on about how good for the soul it is to be creative, I write this post, only because I have literally had people tell me that being creative has saved them.

That even though they made bad art, and threw most of what they created in the bin, the very act of doing something with their hands helped them tremendously. Even saved them.

Please read that I don't believe that being creative is the solution to all problems. I live in the real world, just like you, and I know this is not true.

What I am saying is that being in touch with our most inner feelings is a scary, but important acquaintance. And that's why it's necessary that we speak to each other. And also, art therapy is a real thing.

I have a Pinterest board called Art Therapy. I have done a course in art therapy and I use art therapy in my coaching, and these pins will give you an idea about where to start using art as therapy. There are lots of resources out there for you.