The High Ambitions of Multi Talented Women


I want to talk about the high ambitions of multi-talented women for a minute.
And I want to address the iron grib the society we grow up in has on us.

Here in Aarhus, Denmark, where I have grown up and am now back living after 15 years abroad, the message is very clear:

Follow the path.

The path that is Primary and Secondary School, Gymnasium, College or University. Then a good job, house, partner, kids and a home filled with Danish Design classics.  Apart from the Danish Design classics, I'm guessing society looks similar to where you are.

Multi-talented women, in my experience, stumble and fall on this path (forgive me for continuing with the path analogy). There are literally many different paths we can take and WILL take.

This creates confusion and unfortunately often low self-worth.

This path doesn't work

For us multi-talented people (also multipotentialites, multi-passionates, polymaths, renaissance people, scanners) this linear path doesn't work.

It's too singular. Not based on multiplicity. 

I have had people tell me over the years "you should be a writer, or you should be an interior designer or should be a teacher". The worst one I've heard is that I should go into politics. Gawd! No, thanks. Can you imagine?

However, like all multi-talented people, there are a number of things I can do and want to do. This often makes other people see you as unambitious and insensible.


High ambitions of multi-talented women

I love the word "ambitions". It provokes different emotions in people. I know women who believe that women with ambitions = a selfish bi*** with sharp elbows who is not a team player but only looking out for herself. For reals!

Personally, I love ambitious women. Women with high ambitions are rebels and rock'n'roll. It takes courage to go for what you want in life. Being a job, a change of direction or on the personal front. I have huge respect for women who take on this challenge.

I love women who define their own ambitions and their own success. Multi-talented women are women who don't define themselves by one career or one job. These are women who CAN do and WILL do several jobs and have several careers and be excellent at them.

I say be ambitious. 

Just because you are multi-talented and could be any number of things and don't stay in the same job 10 or 20 years, doesn't mean you don't have ambitions.

In my experience it's quite the opposite.

Multi-talented women are highly ambitious.

This might explain the explosion in blogs and online start-up businesses.
No boss, being able to wear multiple hats, dreams of having a successful business and being able to use your multi-talents. Creating a life on own terms with creativity, freedom, purpose, and joy.

None of this is easy, but we are not talking about what's easy. I think it's more courage.  

I have felt the pressure to go "all in" at most of the jobs I have had. To be a "company person" who live and breathe the job and naturally think it's a fantastic company. The trouble is my ambitions has never lied within a specific company or job. My ambition in life is more to create a life I love, with people I enjoy hanging around with, with creativity, freedom, growth and new learning. Not devote my life to a company that can sack me when they want. 

In my experience, the ambitions of multi-talented women make more sense: to be curious and explore all we are capable of.