Anything Is Possible - How We Move Forward


Anything is possible.

We saw this truth last Tuesday in America.

What we never thought could never happen, has happened. A completely unethical and despicable person, with a highly dodgy track record, has become The President of The United States.

Anything is possible. Indeed.

So let us turn that truth into our own advantage, shall we?

When we face obstacles, just remember:

Anything is possible.

How this can work in real life:

So, I've finally decided to change WordPress Theme from Headway to the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes.

This is a HUGE learning curve for a "technically challenged" person such as myself :-) I've been here before, this gives me a little experience in how to deal with my own drama. When I can't work out why my site doesn't look like the one in the YouTube video.

I literally have this mug next to my computer, and I look at it often.



Back to the US election.

Some of the lessons I've learned from this US election is how important it is to have a mindset of believing in possibilities, a set of core values you feel, even when you can't articulate them, and how respect, peace, joy, and creativity comes from doing inner work.

Like Hillary said, working for what you believe in is always worth it, even when it seems impossible.

This Re-frame is another way to think positive of possibilities:

Impossible = I'm possible

It is possible to write that story.

It is possible to work for your dream.

It is possible to have good relationships.

It is possible to be a decent person AND a rich person.

It is possible to earn a living doing what I love, even when no one has done it this way before.

It is possible to let go of all those negative feelings for someone and move forward.

It is possible to love this education I begin in 2 weeks.

How We Move Forward

Anything is possible.

Let's turn on the positive vibes. I pledge to speak up as much as I can for decency and good communication. Let's move forward with a kind heart. Together.