Being ok with all that I am

being ok with all that I am

HAPPY 2016!

So, mid January and how is it all going?

Did you make resolutions for the year?

I didn't 'cause I've never kept them when I've made them before.

But here's what I am working on this year:

Being ok with all that I am.

That might sound easy enough but here's what that will involve:

Being brave.

Talking about things I'm ashamed of (which will make the shame disappear)

Changing some of the stories I tell myself - I have changed one story and it's already had a huge impact. Because the words we use create our reality.

Practicing gratitude every day - which I am doing.

It's not about winning or losing (arguments, or popularity contests). It's about being  brave enough to show myself and voice what I believe in. Even if people disagree. (So hard)

Keep working on having realistic expectations, and lowering them when they are too high - which is REALLY often, if I'm honest.

This is the work that I do.

And here's the thing about doing this work:

It is the root of everything I do. Of all my work.

It's at the root of how I show up, and of how honest I am when I show up,

Of how I am with my children,

Of how I am at work with other people's children,

It means beng ok with all that I am in the creative work I take on - and whether I finish it or not.

And of whether I let fear or courage decide my actions.

Basically, being ok with all that I am affects everything in my life.