The benefits of knowing your personal platform

5 benefits of knowing your personal platform

With all the madness going on in the world, it is easy to shut down. It's too much to deal with, right? It seems everyday some new awful situation is happening. I simply can't understand or comprehend what people are going through. And the truth is, because it is not happening on my doorstep, I can conveniently shut it off. That is what Brené Brown talk about as being privileged.

It still affects me though. It affects all of us.

And just as easy it is to shut down, or switch off the telly, just as easy it is to say really bad things about people like Donald Trump. (And boy, he makes it easy to say bad things about him). But the thing is, I don't want to just react to because everyone else does. That way, it feels a bit like I am being pulled around the circus floor like a bull being pulled by the nose ring.

I want to know what my opinions are and why, I want to stay in my integrity, be respectful, and be curious about what story lies beneath all the mayhem.

That's why I think it's important to know your personal platform.

The benefits of knowing your personal platform

As I see it, some of the benefits of knowing your personal platform are:

  • You can communicate with more confidence

  • You will be better at handling how you'll react, to what life and people throw at you.

  • And you'll be less likely to follow what everyone else is saying and doing, but staying true to yourself and your beliefs (also called integrity)

  • Which will lead to better self-worth.

  • You may be able to dodge useless negative discussions, on Facebook or face to face.

But before you can reap the rewards of knowing your personal platform, you're gonna have to do some work first.

Yeah, I know.... but it's good and fun work.

And you can be creative doing it: paint it, record yourself talking, write it by hand or computer.

What is your personal platform?

Your personal platform is made up from the opinions, intentions, interests and feelings that, put together, makes your life make sense.

What are your personal values? Which emotions do you feel the most?

Have you a favorite creative way to express yourself?

Are you aware of the stories you tell yourself about yourself? And about others?

Do you have a way to look after yourself when things are hard?

What sort of voice do want to be? Do you communicate positively or negatively? Or both?

The answers to these questions could be examples of what makes up your personal platform.

If you are anything like me, you get overwhelmed by life and what goes on in the world. And finding my place in it.

I am someone who is often steered by my feelings and my intuition. We are all controlled by our emotions, I realize that, but there are people more level-headed than I am. And it's not about temper, but more about sensitivity.

So I get easily overstimulated, and that makes it important for me to know myself, look after myself. Basically to know my personal platform.

For most of my life, I have not had a plan. Being multi-passionate, I have not been able to pinpoint a specific route I wanted to take, but instead I have done whatever I've had to do to make a living in a job I liked. And when I no longer liked it, I'd change.

And that's been great.

But I have a lot of experience and knowledge now, so it's time to renew, or review, my personal platform.

My renewed personal platform

  • I want to speak respectful about people and to to people. And I want to practice being curious about their story.

  • When I hear other people talk bad about someone, I will not jump on that bandwagon.

  • I will continue to practice setting healthy boundaries.

  • Instead of getting caught up in my emotions and let my stories run away with me, I will try to be mindful of what I am feeling, and why. This is where the question "what is really going on here?" is good to remember. (Credit Brené Brown).

  • I will focus on the subject in a thoughtful and knowledgable way, and not go after the person, or the situation.

  • And I will trust my knowledge and my journey :-)

There, that's quite a lot for me to remember. What I'll do, is I'll write it up in a fun and creative way, and then leave it where I can see it.

See? It's fun work to create your personal platform. And I'm curious to see how it will affect my life (and yours) to use it in action.

Good luck with your platform. Next time there's a storm in your life, use your personal platform to navigate.