3 ways blogging slows down life, but speeds up your creativity

blogging slows down life

Blogging slows down life so I get a chance to sort through, and deal with what's going on with me.

Slowing down, sitting still, looking out my window, thinking.

My children are now so big they don't need my constant attention,so I get to sit for as long as I like (almost) at my little spot.


3 ways blogging slows down life

  1. The physical stillness. I sit still at my desk. My resistance makes me get up many times during writing a post but I write sitting still.

  2. Fighting resistance and winning. Taking on resistance in a full-on fight (I get up, I sit back down, I get up, I sit back down) and winning. Because I finish that blog post. Every time. This builds self-respect and pride. I stick with my creating and hit the finish line.

  3. Creating sentences from muddled up thoughts. We can't stop our thoughts but we can try and sort out the good and useful ones from the same old negative and critical ones. Writing helps with this. The process of creating sentences slows down thoughts.

I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means.
— Joan Didion

Then there's the creative process...

As well as slowing down your busy life a little, blogging gives you the added bonus of being in a creating process. A little short one. Again and again.

There are many benefits to engaging in a creating process, I wrote about some of them here.

These reasons alone are why I think everyone should journal. On a blog or in a diary. Either way, it doesn't matter.

Creating saves my sanity. I mainly write, but I also do a little bit of painting.

Going back to basics....

Yes, I know there's a whole big industry related to blogging out there, but if you could ignore that for one minute, and concentrate on the slooowwaspect of blogging.

Blogging for yourself and for your own enjoyment.

Going back to basics and keeping it simple.

Blogging is back. And this time with simplicity and creativity.

Are you on board?