27 (Hidden ) Bonuses in the Creating Process for Free


It just gets better and better.

I bet you didn't know this, but you get 27 bonuses in the creating process fo' FREE.

Without monetary exchange anyway. Work is involved but that's free.

What's not to like?

My mission is to tell you, and yes, convince you, that creating (the act of producing new work that comes from within you, (sometimes in collaboration with others) is the golden ticket to pretty much everything you want in life.

The creating process is a huge topic.

Below is a simple visual of just 27 topics involved in the creating process niche:


All these personal growth bonuses from knitting a sweater? (haha)

It depends what creative journey you're on and how long that journey is. But you'll certainly need patience to knit a sweater, which is why I've given up and handed my efforts over to my mom.

It's not everything you'll go through or experience each time you do creative work. But it's very likely you will go through a good few of them.

These are free skills you gain and learn.

Doing creative work over time, is one of the most challenging things you can do, and it's the biggest journey of self-development and personal growth you'll embark on.

The creative process challenges us.

Why bother if creating it is so hard?

If you look closely at my epic round image you'll see that there are more "good" things than "hard" things in the circle.

Creating is hard at times, but it's not harder than a lot of other work.

It's just that we've been fed this pill that says doing creative work is either for a chosen few, children or women in colorful clothes.

Not so.

Creating is for everyone.

Bonuses in the creating process

You get to learn about your perfectionism and what makes you procrastinate. And shine a light on your habits, and how you spend your time. This is awareness.

You learn that self-kindness is essential when creating any project. Discipline and big goals won't make you stick with it in the long run. But forgiving yourself and allowing yourself to make the mistakes needed will.

Purpose, clarity, and meaning will come through working, learning, trying, being curious and discovering what makes you feel joy.

Learning how to deal with frustration and a negative mindset are personal skills that will enrich your life in all areas. Not easy, I'm on a constant learning curve with this.

They say frustration is a healthy sign of progress. I hope that's true :-)

Creative chaos is the step in the creating process when frustration, overwhelm, procrastination and maybe perfectionism is in charge.

You might have noticed I haven't mentioned the product, service or change you are creating.

That's almost just an extra bonus.

You gotta deal with a lot in "my epic circle" in order to get to your result.

I hope you're up for getting your 27 (or so) free bonuses. You won't regret it.