Are you a Boundary Crosser?


So you have found out that you are, in fact not afraid of commitment, there is not something wrong with you, you are bright (but you always knew that) and you love learning new skills. You are multipassionate.

Now what?

Next step for you is to find a way to embrace your multi-passionate personality and rock your bad self to the maximum  :-)

That requires A Whole New Mind

One of the reasons I have this blog is to help change our ideas and perception of what can or cannot be done.

What we perceive to be the right way because 'that is what we have always done' vs. getting our heads out of the bush and changing the way we think about the world we live in while connecting new dots.

This is why Daniel H. Pinks' book "A Whole New Mind" blew me away.

(You'll see me talk a lot about this book here and I am not getting paid for it - I just think it is an important book)

Daniel Pink writes:

"While detailed knowledge of a single area once guaranteed success, today the top rewards go to those who can operate with equal aplomb in starkly different realms. I call these people "boundary crossers". They develop expertise in multiple spheres, they speak different languages, and they find joy in the rich variety of human experience. They live  multi lives - because that's more interesting and, nowadays, more effective."

How about that? Good, right?

So be a proud and happy Multi-passionate/boundary crosser. That's a good place to start.

First of all, you are lucky to be living a passionate life.

Second, we need your unique skill set to bring the world forward. Big words but true nonetheless.

My advice to you, my dear fellow multi-passionate, is relishing in your passions, collect the skills you want and cross all boundaries.