Caring about creativity in a world gone mad

caring about creativity in a world gone mad

Caring about creativity, in a world gone mad, is caring about yourself.

Let's talk about what that means.

You, my friend, are wonderfully creative. It's your uniqueness, and how you are different from everyone else.

Spending a little time with your creative side when you can, is taking charge of your life and getting curious about who you are, and what you can do.

It seems the world is going mad, and every day some new horror is happening. I don't mean to bring you down, but this is the world we live in, and it's why we need creativity now, more than ever.

To care for each other, we need to care for ourselves.

It makes me think of when you fly, and that that message comes on about how, if you're traveling with small children, you have to put your own mask on first, before you attend to them, in case the plane loses oxygen. For the longest time, I didn't get that. Now I do.

But then, caring for myself is something I've had to learn. And have to keep practicing.

We spend so much of our time dealing with our outside world, and often think, that when our world is in order, and clean on the outside, then we feel good on the inside.

When our bodies, nails, hair, home, and clothes are perfect, then we feel good.

My friend, it won't happen.

What does matter, is kindness and caring about what you are today.

Creativity is your tool, and it's at your disposal, all-the-time.

Being engaged in your creative self is the most wonderful and true sense of joy.

Your creativity doesn't depend on others. It has nothing to do with how you look, or what needs to get done in your life.

It just is what it is: freedom, uniqueness, weirdness, fun,

Let's talk about real life ....

Most of the time, when I come home from work and dinner/homework/tidying up is done, I feel like chillaxing. Or sleeping.

And if I'm not relaxing or sleeping, then there's "the list" of what I could do. That list is never-ending. There's always more that can be done.

I have 3 kids, a hubby, and a rabbit, an apartment, and a great job 4 days a week, that all makes my life very busy. You probably have a busy life too. Maybe you don't have a rabbit, but you have other things in your life.

It is self-care to be able to set those things aside, and spend time with your creativity, being curious about it, and investigating it.

When you spend time with your creative self, you are caring about what it is that makes you you.

You get to express your feelings and thoughts. You get to make sense of this life you have. And you may even want to share what you find. But that isn't even the point.

Kindness is.

How can you care for your creativity?

  • Doodle in a notebook. For inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board

  • Write 2 things you like in a diary/post-it/notebook every day, or often.

  • Get Carla Sonheim's book: "52 Creative Exercisesto make Drawing Fun".

  • Paint for fun. (I do this, and it's fun and really bad)

  • Dance in really uncool ways in your home to those songs you love

  • Make a collage from old magazines

And lots of other small things you can think of.

My dear fellow creative friend, we need more caring and kindness. It starts with us. :-)