Don't Bother Changing the World - Just Change Your own World

Don't change the world, just your own

I'd like to turn your expectations down a notch.

If you walk around with the weight of having to change the world on your shoulders, please don't.

Don't bother changing the world, just change your own world.

Far too many people let overwhelm and totally unrealistic expectations stop them from diving into their unexplored, bottomless  well of creativity.

If that is you, here are some truths:

  • You can't change the world alone

  • Creativity is an act of practice.

  • You can only create something for you

  • It really doesn't matter if you come up with rubbish.

  • Real change won't happen, if you change for someone else

  • Everybody makes a lot of rubbish.

  • Creating is not about making rubbish, it is about the journey and process you experience while you create

Change your own world

I really would like to shine a light on the difference between what we think a good/creative/important/successful/rich life is, and what it actually is.

Of course, it's individual

But for us everyday, normal people, just going about our everyday, normal life, we don't need to be fed big marketing messages about having to change the world, or bringing our gifts to the world, if all we're trying to do is feel a little happier.

Because creating is about changing your own world. It's actually a meeting with yourself.

Change starts with you. And it starts with me.

I'm having this conversation a lot with my 15-year-old son. When he claims he can't make music without some expensive app he needs to buy, I tell him to write songs with a pen and paper.

Jerry Seinfeld wrote the entire series of Seinfeld on a yellow pad, using the same pen.

I love that story. In this gadget world of tech, apps and what have you, it's still about the work.

You gotta be willing to dive into the work, the process.

3 ways you can change your own world

  1. Decide what change you want to make (common sense, but most of us don't actually do this)

  2. Make sure you include a creative act in your plan for change

  3. Talk to somebody (this could be me :-))

I have spoken to many women, the last one a couple of days ago, who feel that doing a little creative work has saved them. Literally changed their world for the better. And sometimes from a really hard situation.

They didn't think they had to do big things, or be seen by millions, or reach people in every corner of the world.

They just tried spending a little time playing around with some expression. Because it felt good.

(I literally feel my shoulders lower as I write this)

This is creativity. This is creative living. At it's very best.

Imagine changing your world just 5% for the better. How good would that be?