How To Turn Christmas Creative


December is here, it's time to cheer!

It's one of those times I kind of dread every year, but when it's here I love it.

Here in Denmark we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. in the evening. We have dinner, then we walk around our (real pine) Christmas tree, which has real candles on it, singing hymns and after that, we open presents.

Thinking differently

Christmas is very much connected to tradition, but what if it is time to try something a little different? It doesn't have to be forever, but it is good for your creative muscles to get out of habit.

Asking yourself these questions can help get your subconscious working.

How can you think differently about the stress of Christmas?

What if Christmas is not hard?

What is Christmas is completely relaxing?

How can you do something fun for yourself this Christmas?

Getting Christmas Creative

And if those questions don't rock your boat, here's a little (Danish) video on how to make heart "guilande".

Don't worry about the Danish, you don't need to understand what she says.

These hearts are cute and pretty and is a little creative x-mas decoration most people can do.

Watch the video here

Another great way to get creative art inspiration, is looking at Carla Sonheim and her many art videos.

She does wonderful art classes for adults and children.

We don't have to only make Christmas creative things at x-mas, any creative fun stuff is good. Oh, the wonderful fun and relaxation of creating something for fun.

I swear, it's the anti-oxidant for the Christmas busyness of shopping and parties.

How to turn Christmas creative?

By doing something a little different. Get some cheap supplies. Put the phone down, switch off the telly and the computer, put on Michael Bublé and spend 15 minutes making something fun.

Happy Creative Christmas.