3 Common Struggles About Being Creative

3 common struggles about being creative.

Talking about creativity is one of my favorite subjects and I tend to get really fired up about it.

And it's a HUGE topic.

Up until four years ago, I knew next to nothing about creativity, but once I found that creativity is the glue that keeps me and all my interests together, I was hooked.

I have read many books on the subject and have many more books waiting for me on my nightstand, both in Danish and English, and most of these book focus on what creativity is and why it's important.

Not so many talk about how we can be more creative, and even less about what happens, if you struggle with being creative.

So I thought I'd help you out a bit here.

3 common struggles about being creative

Please know, that there is not a "How-to-do-creativity-perfectly" book. Your creativity is as unique as your fingerprints. And that's often what's so difficult about it. You can't look for the answer at the back of a book.

And that's exactly what's so bloomin' interesting about it.

Nuf said. Let's get down to business :-)

Struggle 1: You don't know where to start

It's all well and good knowing creativity is good. But with a busy life with kids, sports, homework, shopping, cooking and so on, we're tired at the end of the day. Right?

So having to also find the energy to start a new project.......it's seems a little overwhelming.

Can you relate?

Here's some suggestions to how you can start:

Just get a little more curious about your life. Why do you like what you like?

What would your life look like if you lived in Japan, let's say?

Why do you have the furniture in your house that you have?

You might think it's silly answering silly questions, but being creative is about looking at things in new ways. It starts with a new thought process.

I also highly recommend reading "A Whole New Mind  - why right-brainers will rule the future" by Daniel Pink. This is a brilliant book about what sort of things will be important in the future. And Pink has actionable ideas about how you can get in on the action.

It's of of my all time favorite books.

Struggle 2:  You don't know what to do

These are just a few suggestions. To get you inspired.

  • Think about something you'd like to try. Just think about it.

  • Go on Pinterest for inspiration. There's a whole world of stuff there.

  • Make a mood board by cutting images out of magazines and papers, or print out from the internet.

  • Find an online course. They are great value. Try here and here (I'm fairly addicted to those sites)

  • Talk to a friend about getting a little more creative. Maybe he/she has some ideas, seeing as they know you.

Struggle 3:  You don't know what being creative actually means.

I understand why it's difficult to know what being creative actually means. With all the books I have read, and creative people I have spoken to, I still get confused.

Here's some of the things creativity means:

Personal expression and personal freedom.

Work. Lots of it.



Making mistakes. And failing.

Sometimes choosing courage over fear.

Connecting with your emotions.

Be a detective

Being creative is so much more than drawing, painting, and writing.

You don't have to do art, to be engaged in a creative act.

You can just try and be curious. And ask some new questions. Watch new programs, speak to people you don't know.

Sometimes being creative is about being a detective in your life. Investigate why you think how you do and why you have the opinions you do.

That's enough to set a new thought process going. And that's where it starts.

My friend, you are creative. You are human, which means you are creative. How much you use your creativity is your detective case.

I'll leave you with this question:

How are you creative?


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