Wanted: Companies with a story


Wanted: companies with a story to tell

I  see a new world of business life happening.

A working life where we work for companies with stories to tell.

The jobs we apply for are the jobs where the company's story matches our own. Exams and official 'papers' don't mean much but the story means everything. We go to work to help tell a story we believe in. Wouldn't it be great? Then work would not be a way to make money but a way of life.

This is happening and it's bloody marvelous.

Being an R-brainer I need to feel connected to what I do.

Today's target sales numbers don't fire me up. They mean nothing to me.

No, actually that's not true.

Starting the day by being told what sales targets I have to reach today, has the opposite effect on me. It de-motivates me.

This happens every day in Denmark and everywhere else, I'm sure. I recently worked for a company where the day started just like that.

What then?

Wouldn't it be much more inspiring and fun, if workers started their day telling jokes and stories?

If a company focused on telling stories and not numbers.


The thing is if you start your day in a good mood and inspired, you have more energy, you feel more appreciated which will make you try harder to achieve the results that are best for the company, not just you.

And my guess is, that reaching those sales numbers won't be a problem at all.