Comparison is a creative killer


Today I want to write about something a little less positive.

I know it's "best" to only show your good side online and I'm lucky in that I actually am a naturally positive person (though I also try to work at being one).

But today I want to write about something I think we all experience sometimes: comparison.

Comparing ourselves to others is one of the blocks that stop us from listening to our own joys and passions.
It's often what makes us create bad because we think we have to be/do something we're just not.

And the result often shows.

This is where I find myself at the moment. And it's not a nice place to be.

It's a killer and it stops my creativity flat.

I am comparing myself to other creatives on the interwebs. Their blogs, their design, their writing, their paintings, their graphics, their .....arhg!! I should be doing what they're doing, I should be further along, I should ........argh!!

It happens mostly when I'm in a creative dry spell.
When I am confused, and my negative self-talk is talking louder to me than my true inner voice.

Luckily my coaching training has taught me that this too shall pass. That it's really about my ego.

This is what helps me when I am in that comparison mode:

  • The first step for me is being aware, that this is what I'm doing.

If you too sometimes find yourself comparing yourself to others, know that it's completely NORMAL.

Being aware that comparison is just a state of mind you're in, not who you are, is the first step to getting back to your own strengths and uniqueness.

I hope knowing this helps :-D