Why Creating for Fun is the love affair you want

creating for fun is the love affair you want

Creating for fun is not what we do most as grown-ups, is it?

It's a kids thing. They play for fun and draw for fun, and play football for fun.

Play is a child's world. And they are happily playing. They don't like being interrupted in their play. Especially not to do chores and homework. Agh!

It's a little different for us, isn't it? The average grown-up doesn't sit down and play with pen and paper when there are dishes, kids, dinner, clothes etc. to be sorted out.

I say "average" because unless playing and creating is your life and/or job, chances are, you don't.

We might play with our kids sometimes. But play, just for because we feel like it? Not often.

But I believe not doing things for fun, without having a goal, is a mistake. Especially when it comes to creativity and our creative life.

It's not particularly beneficial to take things too seriously. It shrivels us up and makes us all moody and cranky.

But how can we change that so we lighten up a bit?

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What can you create for fun?

You can take pictures to see if you like it. With your phone or a camera. It doesn't matter.

You can try painting. On paper or canvas. Or doodling, or just watercolor a piece of paper.

Knit, sew, crochet, build, write, draw, garden, cook, bake for fun. For no other reason, than you might enjoy it.

Wonderful things happen sometimes when we play.

You might even discover a new passion when you do try something for fun. What if it turns out that you are great at playing the piano? That learning new songs comes easy to you, and that playing the piano makes you feel so relaxed and connected to the real you, and that when you play, time goes so fast that hours feels like minutes? What if playing the piano makes you happy?

It could happen.

And what is great is, if you don't feel this way about playing the piano (and you know you just fill in whatever you want instead of the piano example), it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. You tried something. So what?

Creative time is always time well spent.

It's no big deal. It's just for fun.

Why fun is important for your creativity

Play, fun, and silliness make happy people.

It's a neurological fact,

It makes us smile and laugh. And it makes us creative.

I'm sure you know this from your own life. Having a good time is the best time of all. Having a laugh, being silly, telling jokes.

Fun and play make us braver in our creative pursuits too. Because we don't take ourselves and our creativity so serious when we just create for fun.

Biologically, when we play and don’t have to perform, our amygdala stays "asleep" and we get access to the front cortex where creativity (and action) is in our brain.

I'm obviously no neuroscientist, but this statement is backed by Dr. Robert Maurer, and Stuart Brown, M.D. says at the beginning of his book "Play"

"For us (humans), play is at the core of creativity and innovation".

So, creating for fun makes you a happier person and more creative!

Why creating for fun is the love affair you want

So doing something for fun is not just a way to kill time, or something childish and not serious.

Creating for fun is, in fact,  a genius way to spend your time.

It's good for your creativity, your mood, your health and your soul. And you're probably a lot more fun to be around too when you're doing something for fun:-) I know I am.

I truly hope you have been inspired, or convinced, or inspired AND convinced to go and do some silly creating.