Why Creating is like Popping Balloons

Creating is like popping balloons

Let me tell you why creating is like popping balloons.

When I get that quiet calling to write or paint, a new creative expression pops up: excuses.

I make any excuse I can think of. Any at all, and I'm a pretty creative person.

Every time a new excuse appears, I have to pop it like a balloon:

"Don't have any ideas about what to write in a new blog post?"

Wait. You have 3 pages of blog post ideas written. Why don't you try one of them?


"My writing isn't good enough and no one reads it anyway"

Well, you have to start somewhere, and if you don't write, no one will ever read it.

And on it goes. Popping balloons.


One of the things that interest me about creativity, is how it relates to everyday life. How we can get more deliberate about prioritizing creating something, instead of just watching and reacting.

We see art as a luxury. We think of creativity as a separate subject in school, and art lessons as the easy, not-so-important subject.

Professionally, creative women are women with Etsy shops.

That's also true. But creativity is so much more than that. Professionally and personally.

Creativity to me is how I live my life. Creative is a word and action I value. Like good manners. It is something I teach my kids.

But are my creative ways better than yours? No, they're not.

I have a son whose creativity shows in everything he does. Eating food is a creative act to him. He plays, organizes, and experiments with his food. And because of this, he always finishes last at the dinner table.

We have a joke where we say, that when we go to restaurants, we have to send him an hour ahead, so we have a chance of finishing at the same time. :-)

This boy is not the most "school academic", but he is fantastically creative and socially clever. And that is so much more important.

(Don't get me started on the school system!)

Creativity comes in wonderfully, weird ways.


One of the funny and hard things about creating is that the brain must see it as such danger, that even writing a blog post seems such a dangerous task. Every time I set out to write a new post, I'm not even sure I'll be able to finish it. It's that steep a mountain to climb.

It's hilarious.

Because there rarely is any actual danger coming at us, our brain automatically finds some other danger.

Like creating.

Creating means new. It means unknown. It means vulnerability.

And stepping into the unknown is scary territory. So the amygdala in the brain gets activated. The fight-flight-freeze response wakes up and the brain comes up with unbelievable ways to stop you from entering this unknown territory.

Why Creating is like Popping Balloons

So arm yourself with a needle and some humor when you sit down to write.

Every time those mad, and often completely irrational thoughts and excuses enter your head, pop them like balloons.

Hold your ears, do that thing with your eyes when you are anticipating the big BANG, and pop away.

Then stubbornly create anyway. Make crap. Make greatness, or make anything in between.

My dear fellow creator, pop those balloons.