The Creative Brains of Comedians

the creative brains of comedians

As a well-earned break from doing Chimpessentials, the course on Mailchimp by Paul Jarvis, I have been watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, with Jerry Seinfeld.

And I'm hooked.

Fååk, it's funny. And interesting.

If you don't know the programme, this is what it's about:

Seinfeld picks up a comedian in a vintage car he thinks matches the person, and they go for coffee. And talk. It's a show about comedians, friendships, and cars. And each episode is only 15-20 minutes long.

I never used to like Seinfeld. in fact, when his show was on, he used to annoy me.

But I'm hooked on the cars show because they talk about the process of getting to where they all are now.

They talk about the struggle, the stand-up nights where they bombed, and they talk about the challenge of writing funny material.

It's genius.

The Creative Brains of Comedians

Humor is an individual thing. There will never be a perfect joke because I find funny, you might think is stupid.

But the sharpness of Jerry Seinfeld's brain and how he tears apart everyday scenarios and presents it is a way where you have never thought of before is brilliant.

The creative brains of comedians see things differently, upside down. They make connections that change the way we think about something.

It's about the work for me. It's always about the work.

So when I saw the episode of cars....with Barack Obama and he and Jerry talk about how they have managed to stay somewhat sane while doing the jobs they do is down to love the work, I was hooked.

I wrote about that in this post.

The Process of Creating

I'm always interested in how people do what they do. The story behind what we see.

Because nothing just appears. Success in all shape and form, don't happen without some amount of work. And it's that work that interests me.

That's real. That's where the magic/learning/growing/success/fun and joy is.

I found this video on YouTube where Jerry Seinfeld talks about how he writes a joke.

He uses the same yellow pad, the same pen. You see his scribbles and cross-outs. What he talks about here, is the reason he is where he is today. Most people don't put the work in that he does.

I recommend anyone who is looking for quick fixes to watch this video.

A pen, a pad, and your creativity. Boom!

You see how far that can get you?

The creative brains of comedians are my new study.