Creative Coaching Question No 1

Creativity coaching question no 1

As a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, I help you be kind to yourself and do your souls work. 

It's self-compassion and personal growth through the creating process.

People often come to a creativity coach when they get stuck doing their work. Or if they don't know how to begin.

Maybe they used to work and now they have lost joy or interest in their work.

Often there is a deeper reason someone seeks help from a coach. Being a life coach or a creativity coach.

Creative coaching question no 1

One of the first questions I ask you as a creativity coaching client of mine is this most potent question:

"What seems to be getting in your way?"

And I urge you not to be too quick to answer. 

Have a think about it. 

What seems to be getting in the way of you creating art or doing work you love?

Is it lack of time?


Specifically fear of what?

Has it something to do with the expectations from others?

Bad childhood memeories?

Shaming story from school or home?

It might be many different things that play a part in why you are not working on working through your "stopping blocks."

So many things can get in our way of everything. There is always something getting in the way of something.

The question is what we prioritize.

I do believe it gets easier to do the work. I know a lot of artists won't agree with that.

But what I mean is that once you have experienced the state of flow or the deep sense of discovery and satisfaction from being deeply engrossed in some form of creation, I believe you want to try and chase that experience again.

It's too wonderful not to :-)

That doesn't make creating easy after that, I know, but at least you know the experience of discovery is there in the process of creating.

The power of a question...

Our brains can't dismiss a question if we ask it repeatedly.

It activates it's own Google search. So when you ask this creative coaching question "what seems to be getting in my way of creating?" every day, your brain will eventually come up with an answer. And maybe more than one.

Our brain is our most genius tool.

You can use this method to ask any question you'd like an answer to.

It simply requires (like most things in life) patience and repetitiveness.