Why I'm a Creative Life Artist and not a Creativepreneur


Listen, I'm nearly 45 years old. I'm trying to catch up with the fancy fast-moving online lingo.

There are words like these:

Creativepreneur, infopreneur, mumpreneur, solopreneur, multipassionate entrepreneur, fempreneurs.

What's the difference between them, and does it matter which one you call yourself?

I've tried to explain them simply, and as I understand them.

What is a Creativepreneur?

A creativepreneur is someone who is creative and doing business selling artsy things, or running a creative business.

Creative + Entrepreneur = Creativepreneur

An infopreneur is someone who sells electronic information. Information over the internet.

It's Information + Entrepreneur = Infopreneur

A solopreneur is someone who is their own brand. Who doesn't hire other people?

Solo + Entrepreneur = Solopreneur

A mumpreneur is a woman who combines running a business with looking after her children.

Mum + Entrepreneur = Mumpreneur

A Fempreneur is a female entrepreneur.

I'm getting dizzy. And overwhelmed and confused.

Which one am I? All of them? But which one should I call myself?

Who does it matter for? Which is best for Google? Which name does my ideal customer prefer?

Argh! I'm getting a headache. I feel a nap coming on... ..

Can you relate?

I understand what is meant by a creativepreneur, but I find all these "labels" a bit misleading, because the thing is, we are ALL creative.

And starting, and running a business is a creative act in itself. Regardless of whether you sell online courses or homemade pottery.

Or whether you're a mom or not.

Honestly, I have struggled with this "Tagline" malarky for as long as I've blogged. Which is about 3 years.

And I near enough change my tagline every week. It's no wonder "the Google" can't find me.

Because what if you're no longer a "preneur" of some kind, as in, you don't have something to sell anymore?

But you're working on your next "preneur" adventure?

What if you're in that "in-between" stage, that is so typical for us creatives/multi passionates?

What do you call yourself then?

[ctt template="4" link="3d05e" via="yes" ]The reality for us creatives/multi-passionates is, that we are many things, so finding ONE title that sums us up, is not easy.  @katjahunter[/ctt]

A Creative Life Artist is what I am

A creative life artist describes who I am, and how I am now living my life.

Did you ever see that commercial in the UK about some wood primer (I think it was), where the guy holds the tin to the camera and says "It does exactly what it says on the tin!"

It's a classic.

That's what the title "Creative Life Artist" does. It means exactly what it says on the "tin". (If you never saw that commercial, I hope you still understand what I'm on about)

Just as Elizabeth Gilberts says; living a creative life is an art in and of itself.

I can tell you from experience, she's dead right.

Living a creative life is a choice. It's a priority. It's stubbornly insisting on saying no to your kids, or watching telly with your husband, or cleaning and cooking. And instead of spending a few stolen moments painting, or writing, or building, or drawing, or whatever creative act you enjoy doing.

Because life is busy for all of us. And if you have kids, like I do, it's even busier.

It is an art form to keep wanting to learn new things.

It's an art form to look at the world from a place of wonder. And love and appreciation. And to practice gratitude.

So hell yes, I'm a creative life artist

What do you call yourself?

I would love to know, which "title" do you associate best with?

Is it one of the above? Or a different one entirely?

Let me know in the comments

Maybe you are a creative life artist too.

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