Are you not the creative type either ?


True story:

I don't and have never considered myself being "the creative type".

You know, the one who knows how to decorate the house in matching colors or do a pretty drawings with the kids. Give me a blank piece of paper and my mind matches the "blankness". I'm still at the matchstick men stage. For real!

Then I was talking to a friend of mine recently where I claimed not being "the creative type" and she looked at me and said "Are you kidding? You are one of the most creative people I know".

I'm still in shock from her statement.

This is what I see as the creative type:

My friend is an internationally acclaimed Silversmith, who has made a big living from her silver designs. She has been featured in Magazines and when she turned 40, it was announced in the national newspaper here in Denmark. She is amazing at drawing and doing websites and ..... She's pretty creative!

Turns out, I've got a really narrow and limited belief about creativity. Good thing I'm going to be a creativity coach. I can identify with amateur creatives :-)

I like color, our apartment is full of it. I write, turns out that's creative. I have had a vintage clothes shop, turns out that's creative. I take photographs, I make collages and I paint a little.

As I write this I can see I do lots of creative stuff but you know why I think they don't count?

Because I don't make my living from them! (yet)

What a load of rubbish!

Where does that thinking come from?

From stories we're told or stories we tell ourselves?

Probably both and they're both wrong.

  1. Being creative is not a specific "type". Who came up with that silly idea?

  2. There is creativity is pretty much everything. There is creativity in maths, in sports and movement of any kind, in language learning, in music, in science, in business, in arts.... you name it.

  3. Not making money from the stuff you create doesn't make you less of a creative being. Money is just energy. Not the "Creativity police!"

Now I can say, the creative type? That's me!