Creative Woman: when a new idea comes, roll with it

Creative woman, roll with new ideas

You are a creative woman and this is how it goes:

You are finally getting close to what could be the clarity you so desperately want. It's going well, you are on a roll. You have a plan and you're quite happy with life. Then BAM! A new idea.

Oh no! A new idea that won't go away.

You push it aside. Because you know what it means.

But this new idea just won't go away. Instead, it builds momentum.

A new idea means new chaos,  confusion, uncertainty and frustration.

Sometimes a new idea may even be a form of procrastination. A way to avoid finishing the project you are doing.

But the allure..... the promise.....what if.........

Creative Woman

The creative women I speak to have a love/hate relationship with their highly creative mind. Often making excuses, and playing themselves down.

They love being creative, and they love being admired for knowing how to do so many creative things.

I know someone who can play a little guitar, she can draw and paint, play the bas guitar, she is funny as hell, and she is good at her job, everybody likes her, and whatever she throws her attention at, she will do well.

But because she doesn't spend a long time on all the different things, and doesn't become an expert, what she can do, doesn't count.

In her mind. What she can do doesn't count.

It counts to us who know her, but I guess this self-doubt comes from growing up in a family/society, like myself and so many others, where you had to pick one interest, and work at that job for the rest of your life.

When a new idea comes in.....

I say, roll with it.

Invite it in. examine it. Write it out.

Will it fit with what you're doing now? Is it going to improve your current project, or will the idea take you on a new path altogether?

Jump on that multipassionate merry-go-round. 

See where it takes you.

Most of my ideas mount to nothing. But if I am working on something intensely, as I am at the moment, I find that the ideas I have are related to struggles and problems I have with my project.

My subconscious are coming up with possible solutions, or problems related to my work.

So I invite it in.

I'm going to see a good friend of mine in a few days, to get some extra eyes, and thoughts on the online workshop I'm creating.

She will be a soundboard for my latest idea related to my blog and business. This way, I'll be able to stay on track, and not just dismiss my new idea as another multipassionate detour, but actually see if it has any substance.

And if you are not in the blog/business sphere, it doesn't matter. Find someone who won't be brutally honest, but will be gentle, who has earned the right to your trust.

If we share our vulnerabilities, and our fears with just 1 person, hopefully we'll slowly turn around this feeling of being wrong for having changing ideas, and interests.

You are not wrong. Never was, never will be.