What is a Creativity Coach?


A creativity coach is someone who helps you when you are stuck in a process of making something.

It's someone who helps you in your creative process.

When a creativity coach could come in handy

Let's say you're multi-passionate, and you love writing.

But your busy head, your many ideas, and interests make it hard for you to get into a habit of sitting down to write. You do sometimes, but not very often, and that book or blog post stays in your head.

One day, you'll write that book. When you've got more time/money or the kids are older........

A creativity coach will help you look into a way, where you can get to your writing. A realistic and gentle way, that will work for you.

We look at how you create, your thoughts and feelings around your writing. What might have worked for you in the past, if you've created something before?

We look at what is stopping you from writing. Really. And it's not time, or the wrong computer or stationary. But it could be that your expectations of yourself are, that your first book has to be a worldwide success. Even if you've never written a book before. And that is such a huge mountain to climb, with such a huge risk of failure, that instead of getting started on that first chapter, you'll just check Facebook one more time.

FYI, I use this particular example, because it's one I know intimately ;-)

The type of creativity coaching I am certified in is after the Kaizen-Muse method.


Yes, kaizen is Japanese and means "continuous improvement with small steps"

Instead of setting big, unrealistic goals for yourself, you create lasting change by taking one small step at a time.

It's a gentle, kind and helluva lot more realistic way of creating change in your life.

The Muses

Museis referring to the founder of this coaching method Jill Badonsky's book "The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)". The nine muses really just represents nine creative principles.

Aha-Phrodite: Muse of paying attention, passion, and possibilities.

Albert: Muse of imagination and innovation.

Bea Silly: Muse of play, laughter, and dance

Muse Song; Muse of nurturing, encouragement, and good company.

Spills: Muse of practice, process, and imperfection.

Audacity: Muse of courage and uninhibited uniqueness

Lull: Muse of pause, diversion, and gratitude

Shadow: Muse of the dark side.

Marge: Muse of okay-now-let's-get-started

Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching is really well suited for creatives because us creatives are rebels, and we don't like being told what to do :-) It's based on gentleness, compassion, small questions, and steps, and play.

And not big goal setting, being told what to do, or threats of "if you want to be mediocre, then do what you've always done. But if you want to be successful like me, then you must do as I say..... "

You may be familiar with this marketing lingo on the internet? Just saying.......

Who could benefit from creativity coaching?

Anyone who is creating, or who wants to create, but is stuck somehow.

As your coach, I don't judge or critique your work, or lack of.

What you create, is not important to me. It the act of creating itself that we dig into.

Look, creating is hard. It's work and it's difficult. And it takes a long time.

If it was easy, we would all create. Because we were born to create, humans are makers, and once you've experienced the joy of what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced chicks-sent-me-highly) refers to as flow, you'll want more.

Do you need a creativity coach to live a creative life?

No! You don't. At all.

Because to live a creative life, you just need to be curious, and to follow your curiosity. You can just try different things. Dance a little, paint a little, cycle a little, write a diary a little, swim a little, travel a little.

You don't need money to live a creative life. Living creatively is more about your attitude and willingness to try something new than it is about "things".

It's about listening to yourself, being kind to yourself, and trying to act on that thing that you have inside you.

But you COULD benefit from creativity coaching, when....

..... you need help in figuring out where you're at, why you don't proceed, how you can get going with your creative dream, and accountability to keep taking small steps in the direction of your creative life.

Even as a coach, I get coached myself, by another creativity coach sometimes.

I am someone with a million things going on in my head at all times, and I am a (recovering) perfectionist, so it's great to talk to someone, who understands without judging, and who can help me, help myself get through my own mental drama. Sometimes there is little talking from the coach, it's just me unloading, and by doing that, I've come to clarity.

And being coached has been especially helpful, when I have something big coming up, like hosting my first creativity workshop.

Maybe instead of being called a creativity coach, it should be called: "someone to talk to when I'm stuck in my creative life/business/writing/painting/blog/etc."

That's a good name. If a little long :-)

So, I hope you know what a creativity coach does, and when you could benefit from having one.

Being coached by another woman who understands how my crazy, creative mind works, has been so great I became one myself.

But to live a creative life, you just have to be stubbornly curious.

Truth bomb!