Creativity Coaching is Not About Art - Kaizen-Muse Is About Process

creativity coaching is not about art

I feel I have to right a wrong here.

Creativity coaching is not about art. Not the creativity coaching I am certified in, anyway.

I saw this description of creativity coaching from the Creativity Coaching Association:

"Creativity Coaches are similar to life coaches, but focus more specifically on your creative work. These coaches help you to develop your artistic and humanistic talents. Creativity Coaches have helped thousands of artists, writers, inventors, entrepreneurs and other creative souls to accomplish their dreams." -

Kaizen-Muse creativity coaching, of which I am proudly certified, is about helping you, the creator, navigate through your process of creating, when you get stuck. And sometimes before you even get started.

I coach you in your unique journey, or process of creating or change.

It has nothing to do with what you want to achieve.

Kaizen-Muse  creativity coaching is about addressing human nature in the face of change.

It's gentle encouragement, and an understanding of how a creative process works and looks like.

Creativity coaching is not about art.

It's not goal focused, but process focused.

So you can be trying to write, paint, start a blog, start a business, learn how to knit, plant a garden, or any other creative act that involves a process, and be in need of a creativity coach.

If you like the Tony Robbins character and approach of massive action, and think shouting "I" makes you change, kaizen-muse creativity coaching is not for you.

A word of warning: if you use a coach that critiques your work, I'd find another coach.

Change isn't instant

Instant gratification doesn't always happen in the creative process, which is why so many quit. And it's why social media is so popular.

Talk about instant gratification.

But it fades quickly. Social media is like empty calories.

Being creative is a long, slow nourishing meal, that enriches your life experience, and once you have tried it, you can never go back to before you had the experience.